17 Times Pets Were Overly Attatched to Their Owners

Sometimes it's us humans that need the love, attention and affection from our best friends! Our pets! We love them like family, so it's really nice when all of a sudden they show that same affection and just don't wanna leave our side! 

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    My cat simply adores nature documentaries. And every time, he checks I’m watching them as well.

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    Via aknopman

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    My girlfriend fell asleep. When I kissed her on the cheek, her dog looked at me like this:

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    Via Reddit

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    He thought his owner had drowned.

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    Via Twitter

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    My dog got up at 4 am. She kept me company while I cleaned everything.

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    Every time I go to the toilet I see this:

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    Via pikabu

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    Forget your homework! Pet me instead!

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    While the other dogs played in the park, he kept an eye on his human.

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    Via imgur

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    She simply takes my hand and drags me toward her like this.

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    I had to put a cushion on the table so that my cat didn’t sit on the keyboard.

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    Via MystSouls

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    I wanted to relax in the bath, but no

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    Via HBarinsky

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    My friend’s wife and their cat watch a stray cat they’d left food out for.

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    If I refuse to stroke him, he runs off to someone else and checks if I’m jealous.

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    Via dspotato

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    Everything you need to know about what it’s like to be a cat owner.

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    Try to find anyone or thing that matches this dogs love for his owner. We dare you

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    Via reddit

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    He got very upset that he couldn’t watch me in the shower. I ended up having to put him here.

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    This is Lennu, the President of Finland’s dog. He often goes to official events with him.

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    But still, naihhh-ing is better than hugs

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    Via Imgur
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