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7 of the Best Video Games to Play With Your Significant Other

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    Mario Kart 8

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    The biggest no brainer on this list. The Mario Kart series is pure candy, and 8 is one of the best of the series. It's easy for the noob of the duo to pickup, and difficult for pros to put down.

    The downside: None
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    Portal 2

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    Sometimes teamwork can lead to extraordinary moments, and the co-op in Portal 2 is a fine example. By the time the two of you get through this puzzley opus you'll have really leveled up your communication game. Hell, this game could be a type of couple's therapy.

    The Downside: Some of the puzzles are rather confusing, and if you don't maintain a cool disposition the game can get a bit frustrating.
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    Castle Crashers

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    Hack and slash your way through this adorable landscape. Trust me, nothing brings people closer together than super-cute violence.

    The Downside: Castle Crashers is the most fun with four players, so you should probably make it a double-date night.
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    A first person shooter for all skill levels Destiny's gameplay is tight and leaves you grinning each time the two of you explode an alien's head. Honestly, it's one of the most rewarding sensations in recent gaming. Sure the story maybe lackluster and the voice acting falls a bit flat. But none of that matters as you and your partner stand side by side against the rising hordes of the darkness.

    The Downside: Requires two consoles, so you've got to go the extra mile to get you and your S.O. to play together.
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    Diablo 3

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    Speaking of killing waves of vile enemies, you can't get more entrenched in the hack & slash genre than Diablo 3. This is a great example of how violence can really bring people together.

    The Downside: Don't expect to finish this one, playing through the same story multiple times can get a bit tedious if the other person isn't super into it.
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    Secret of Mana

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    A pure RPG classic, and one of the few that allows for multiple players. Sure first player controls the main character through the entire game, but when the battle starts player two can get in there and really do some damage. With a great story and adorable sprites the two of you will probably be entranced for hours.

    The Downside: It's a rather lengthy undertaking.
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    A Wolf Among Us

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    Unlike the others on this list, "A Wolf Among Us" isn't a traditional co-op. But, what it lacks in two player controls it makes up for in backseat driving. Telltale has created an excellent interactive movie with tons of fairy tail romance, and decapitations. Trust me, decapitations are in fairy tales too. The two of you can sit on the couch and discuss the choices you make as you go. You get to make up how the story goes together, isn't that sweet?

    The Downside: No actual co-op gameplay.


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