10 Humiliated People Share Their Most Horrifyingly Embarrassing Moments

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    Text - [-] Katogo 19 points 7 hours ago Texted my new husband a picture of my boobs New FIL has the same first name. I didn't check the phone number.
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    Text - [- jerlowed 5 points 4 hours ago I was around the age of 18. Sent a huge throbbing pic of my junk to my gf. Unfortunately, a few minutes later my step mom is yelling at me bc my gf's name and stepmoms name are right next to eachother in my contact list.
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    Text - -] unbiasedasian 58 points 6 hours ago Me and my wife just started dating. She took me over to her brothers house to meet her family. His wife has the exact same build and frame as my wife. We were all standing around and I went up behind my sister in law and whispered, "want to go fuck in the bathroom? " She turned around and started cracking up laughing. I was so embarrassed and before I could say anything she knew I had her and my wife mixed up....But that didn't stop her from telling
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    Text - - SirYouHaveHadTooMuch [score hidden] 45 minutes ago Well last Sunday I texted my manager at work instead of my weed dealer. Played that off pretty well, am still employed
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    Text - -] musical_manjoo [score hidden] 21 minutes ago In texting back and forth to my (at that time) girlfriend (now wife), I accidentally texted my boss, "My boss is being such a bitch right now."
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    oregon pine - [-] mr_em_el [score hidden] 11 minutes ago On Christmas my sister came up behind me and gave me a hug and I slid my hand in her back pocket and squeezed her ass. Thought it was my wife. Woops
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    Dish - [-] SheZowRaised ByWolves [score hidden] 44 minutes ago Friend greeted other friends with playful beatings. He met my doppelganger at walmart. He got beaten in the cereal aisle by the doppelganger.
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    Text - [-] Apollo1255 184 points 9 hours ago S.O sexted her mom instead of me cause she wasn't paying attention and clicked under recent contacts
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    Text - - NottheArkhamKnight 122 points 6 hours ago In high school I had this one librarian who would help us around. One day I noticed he came in with a completely shaved head. I told him "nice haircut", only to realize that it was a completely different teacher who looked similar to him This teacher was bald all along.
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    Skin - -] b-_-rad 159 points 8 hours ago I called a teacher mum


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