14 Funny Cat Memes to Make You Laugh

Knock it off with those cat memes!

These are the type of cat memes that you need to STAHP reading reading right meow!

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    The Concert Ride

    Scrunched up ride to the concert cat meme
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    Via Reddit

    Why not get crunched in with friends before the most pit!

    Found this image on Reddit r/Pics 

    The cat is supposedly in a flower pot but looks more like it might be a flour cup.

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    Bubble Cat

    Cat Bubble meme in order to catch the bubble you must first become the bubble
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    Via Imgur

    Sometimes the best way to catch the bubble, is to become one! Ignore the fact that you may or may not be a cat.

    Found this cat pic on Imgur that was posted on the Cats Standing Up on Reddit

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    When you hungry but don't even realize it

    funny cat meme about not really being hungry but then seeing an ad for food and feeling hungry
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    Sometimes a some visual clues will tell you how you really feel. 

    Want to check if YOU are hungry? Check out The World's Best Food Dishes or a real colorful recipe website

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    Why Do Witches Always Have Black Cats

    cat meme about why do witches always have black cats
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    Cat fur folks. It all comes down to not wanting to always clean up cat hair. 

    No magic spells for that. Amazon has a few cat hair solutions but those only greatly reduce the cat hairs, not eliminate them completely. For that you need camouflage cat hair colored furniture

    Found this cat picture on reddit r/funny

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    Bill And Ted's Meowxcellent Adventure

    meme Bill and Ted's Excellend Adventure but with cats
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    When another pair of cats show up and they look just like your cat's.

    Found this image on Reddit r/pics

    Check our the DVD of Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure (Amazon) or on IMDB if you don't understand this one...

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    Mouse has been caught, finally I can sleep ZZZzzz

    Funny Meme of cat passed on on human arm using a computer mouse

    Cat passes out after finally someone caught that pesky computer mouse.

    Found this on Reddit r/cats

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    When that bug has wings and can fly

    Cat meme of kitty in a tree scared, with caption about when the bug suddenly has wings and can fly
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    The hunter becomes the hunted!

    Found this on reddit r/cat pictures

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    Funny meme about hiding when you are up to no good and then hear someone at the door with keys

    Oh, you know exactly what we're talking about.

    Found this image on YouTube of all places

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    Does that make you MORE famous or LESS famous?

    Surprised cat meme of cat on shutterstock with watermark all over his face

    That shocked feeling that you are not just famous, but so famous that someone put a watermark on your pic because it is that valuable.

    Original image on Shutterstock although it has a different watermark on that page. Weird.

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    Sorry, don't have time or money for that, bye [SLAMS DOOR]

    Cat meme of that wide eyed look you give the salesperson before slamming the door in their face
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    You still feel bad for them, but that not gonna stop you from slamming the door in their face and going right back to enjoying your sandwich and TV show.

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    Hook it up bro

    Funny cat meme of cats asking if you can hook them up with some 'nip' AKA catnip
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    You're not a cop, are you?

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    A for Effort. F for Failure

    Cat that is so fat he watching whatever is going on from the floor because he can't jump and get up

    Well at least he can say he tired, I mean tried.

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    Passive Aggressive Cat Meme

    Funny cat image macro meme of cat sticking out his tongue and caption about how it feels when an aggressive driver cuts you off and then you are both next to each other at the next traffic light

    When you are aggressive but not that aggressive because you just can't put in that much effort.

    Found this one on Tumblr

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    When Life Just Socks

    Funny cat meme of pun with sucks and socks and a cat hiding in the sock drawer

    Good way of avoiding cold feet in many situations.

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