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Featured Fur Monster: Ted Knows How to Get Your Attention

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    Sometimes dog food turns into a new kitteh

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    I found Ted one day three years ago at Petsmart when I was there to buy some dog food for my doggie, Coco. I had lost my last cat about a year and a half earlier, and I had greatly missed having a cat. I would sometimes visit the cats at Petsmart the local Humane Society had up for adoption there, and had been thinking about getting another cat for a while .
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    How could someone give this little dude up?

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    One Friday, I saw this five month old cream kitten, and loved him immediately. He was so sweet and friendly. I went home to think some about it, and went back the next day to adopt him. I learned he had been returned twice when he got ringworm and when his neutering stitches got infected. I couldn't imagine why anyone would return such a cute and sweet kitten.
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    Ted and Coco meet

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    When I brought him home, I was worried he and my doggie Coco wouldn't get along. Coco had always loved cats, and wanted nothing more than to kiss them for hours. He growled at her the first night, and ran away from her the first few days.
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    And they become BFFs

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    One day, I sat down on the floor, and he got on my lap. She was curious of course, and came over to see him, and he started grooming her! It was the cutest thing, and he would groom her daily for about six months, sometimes for half an hour. She loved it. Sadly, he doesn't groom her as much or as often anymore since he's older now, but he will sometimes stop and give her a quick grooming. He also grooms me, though never as much as Coco!
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    Hello human, I'm here now

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    He is a very sweet cat and loves to be petted. He knows how to get my attention by trying to knock over figurines and other valuables. He loves to watch birds, and makes that adorable chattering sound at them. He loves to chew on things, especially the Christmas tree hat I bought for him, and any cords that are left out.

    He is also very skittish and will jump high into the air if he hears a loud sound, like a motorcycle that drives by.
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    Welcome home, Ted

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    The only thing he has destroyed was one of the window blinds. They are made of some sort of paper, and not the right kind for cats. One night, I woke up to a loud crash. I just thought something had fallen over, and went back to sleep and forgot about it when I woke up. I go into that room, and find half the blind was missing.

    Ted is a great cat, and I'm so glad I found him.

    Thanks for sharing Jadzia23! We'll never understand how someone would give Ted up either.

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