Dating Fails

This Lady Gives the Ultimate How-To Guide To Dickpics

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    Get Out Your College Rule Notebooks and a Pencil

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    An Epic Angle

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    This angle is often used by photographers or film directors to make the subject more imposing. It's the perfect pose for giving your genitals the desired "gravitas"
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    A Sleek Profile

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    This angle is all class. You know the intended recipient isn't interested in your face. They want the goods and nothing but. The profile really lets you highlight the meat.
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    The Bird Is More Than the Word

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    Give the viewer the feeling of what you look down on every morning. Really let them see your magnificence from your own eyes.
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    A Classic Shot for Classy Man

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    Simple, elegant, you're a man of the world, now showcase it.
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    Get a Handful

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    This lets the ladies know you're in touch with yourself. It really lets them feel how at ease you are with your manhood. One look at this and they'll know you're comfortable in your wrinkly skin.
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    Flop it Loud, Flop it Proud

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    Throw it down on the counter, and let them see your after shower glory. Remember, for the flop, always be freshly washed and have a clean bathroom. That way your man meat looks its best as it's showcased on the countertop.
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    We All Learned a Valuable Lesson

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    Thanks for just giving us the tips, Reece!


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