23 Crazy Tinder Moments That'll Kill Your Faith In Humanity

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    Text - Back to Camera 3% 7:55 PM Delilah Hey there Delilah No Ight bye Srry I hate that Sorry I love it Plz no Can I ask you a question? Go for it What's it like in New York City? Sent Send Type a Message... GIF
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    Text - 1% 48% WhatsApp o 21:35 Nicole YOU MATCHED WITH NICOLE ON 8/22/17 If they gave me 5¢ for every time I matched with someone as pretty as you I'd have a Nicole Sent Holy shit You did it You won tinder Send Type a Message... GIF
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    Text - ooo AT&T 11:33 PM 1 26% Alex YOU MATCHED WITH ALEX ON 6/20/17 Well, HELLO there, gorgeous! I question for ya... how many got letters in the alphabet? It's 20.. right? a Let me guess You forgot u r a qt BUT WAIT That's only 5 You also forgot to give me the D C'mon Alex, this ain't mama's first rodeo Sent Send Type a Message... GIF 26
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    Text - @ 10 64% ooo Verizon LTE 11:02 PM Mimi YOU MATCHED WITH MIMI ON 9/16/17 if you were a vegetable, you'd be a cutecumber If I was a vegetable I'd ask you to pull the plug and end my misery Sent Today 8:11 PM omg Send Type a message GIF
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    Text - @ 71% oo AT&T 9:03 PM Kendall YOU MATCHED WITH KENDALL ON 12/9/16 If you'll be my Kendall Jenner, I'll be your Caitlin wtf does this mean i've really been trying to unpack it and i can't You're going to call me daddy, but it'll feel wrong saying it Sent wait i'm honestly speechless that was incredible Send Type a Message... GIF
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    Text - Fido 9:05 PM 23% Hayley Cheesy pick up line or character defining question? 10 hr. ago If you can combine both into impressively-worded message, I'll give you a gold one medal Hayley 2 hr. ago Tell me what books you've read more than once, be- cause you look like someone that likes to keep going after the first time you've finished 2 hr. ago Woah holy shit. Did you invent that or is there a website somewhere that spits these out. Impressive and accurate Hayley 19 min. ago Send a message..
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    Text - 88% 4:53 PM 73° Michelle I went to the beach and found some cool stuff on the shore, so i picked it up to bring it home. When I got home, one of the items was missing. I lost Michelle. 2 hr. ago Thats fuckingretarded Michelle 24 min. ago Aww fuck there goes my opener T really think you should give these puns a chance because I used to be shy but these puns got me out of Michelle 3 min.ago Send a message... GIF
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    Text - O 64% o AT&T 8:15 PM Angela YOU MATCHED WITH ANGELA ON 9/5/17 My favorite Pokémon is Tangela because it's like an Angela that you catch on Tinder Sep 7, 2017, 7:58 PM I want to hate this but I just can't Sep 7, 2017, 8:15 PM I couldn't really pass up the opportunity haha Actually my favorite is beedrill Because ima beedrillin you all night Sent Send Type a Message... GIF
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    Text - 12:31 PM 72% ill CREDO Sarah Hey there What's up Oh just the daily struggle of pretending to know what I'm doing. You? In class What's your major? Accounting Oh nice. How long till you graduate December Oh wow you're almost done then. Excited to get into the real world? Not really no Are you always a brick wall to talk to? Your message Aa GIF
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    Text - O 22% o0o Sprint LTE 11:47 PM Caren YOU MATCHED WITH CAREN ON 7/11/16 Hey there :) Hey Caren So tell me about yourself! You have three messages to seriously catch my interest :) (this is how I weed out all the boring melons on tinder lol) Fuck! Oh man the pressure! OH SHIT THAT WAS ALREADY A MESSAGE OH MAN I REALLY GOTTA MAKE THIS ONE COUNT THEN
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    Text - -Mobile Wi-Fi r-Mobile Wi-Fi @ O 59% 12:27 AM 12:28 AM O59% Alyssa Alyssa thing, especially in our current culture. Im sorry that I snapped at you YOU MATCHED WITH ALYSSA ON 9/10/17 Do you want to fuck? No worries! I probably shouldn't have started with something as crass as that Sep 11, 2017, 12:24 PM No Why Well damn, look at us being mature adults. Sep 11, 2017, 1:38 PM Bc I don't feel respected Ayyee *awkwardly fist bumps back Sep 11, 2017, 1:58 PM Ah okay, fair enough. Sorry Do you w
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    Text - 32% 9:26 PM Kate Today 9:09 PM You look like you'd make an excellent 3rd wife Excuse me? I SAID YOU LOOK LIKE YOU'D MAKE AN EXCELLENT 3RD WIFE Wow buddy... idk who you think you are cap sizing them letters to but you better tone it down. I thought you didn't hear me the first time Oh no I heard you. For real though, when I saw you I dropped my jaw, can you help me loKate it? Help you with what? LO-KATE IT Sent Type a message... GIF
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    Text - GERS 1 74% 174% 12:31 AM GERS 12:31 AM Sarah Sarah the triSARAHtops YOU MATCHED WITH SARAH ON 2017-10-30 What is your favourite dinosaur? Did i ruin your joke? Yesterday 12:27 PM No, i just wanted to know what your favourite dinosaur was the triSARAHtops Geeez sarah Did i ruin your joke? Yesterday 1:47 PM No, i just wanted to know what your favourite dinosaur was Ah i'm so sorry, at least now you know Geeez sarah Today 12:18 AM Yesterday 1:47 PM I mean triceratops aint even that cool Ah i
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    Text - l Verizon LTE 13:21 61% If you were a fruit you'd be a fuckin fineapple Today 09:15 Oh damn a fuckin fineapple Today 09:48 Ya no doubt What's your bad pickup line?? Today 10:30 Good morning!!!! You like bacon and pancakes right? Today 12:29 Yes! Why? Sent Wanna strip? And after that how about IHOP on that dick Send Type a message GIF
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    Text - @ 89% 9:16 AM AT&T Paige YOU MATCHED WITH PAIGE ON 11/5/17 Oh gosh. Does this mean I have start carrying a bookmark if don't want to lose you? Today 9:02 AM Wow FUNNY Oh man you probably get that a lot don't you No actually I've never heard that one Dang well I've noticed that most pages have numbers, but I didn't happen to catch yours Sent holy shit you deserved that Send Турe GIF a message
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    Text - Tell your dog that he's a good boy for me please 5 min. ago I would so do that if she was a boy but she's a girl Erin 4 min. ago Oh shit Can I start over? 1 min. ago Yes go for it Erin 1 min. ago Tell your dog that she only deserves 70% of the love a male dog earns Sent Bye Erin Now GIF Send a message...
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    Text - AT&T M-Cell 11:33 PM Caroline YOU MATCHED WITH CAROLINE ON 8/1/17 I'm not sure what to say other than that I'm intrigued by your aspiration to become a dilf. Tell me a joke, your best one Wanna hear a joke about paper?? It's probably gonna be tearable You're just too good I'm witty and relatable Quote of the day What did the zero say to the eight? I'm not sure what to say other than that I'm intrigued by your aspiration to become a dilf. Sent Type a Message... Send GIF
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    Text - 67% .oo Verizon LTE 1:26 AM Meaghan YOU MATCHED WITH MEAGHAN ON 8/1/17 so when a guy breaks up with you do you tell him "too bad, you'll never find someone like me-a-ghan"? because if not you should That's the best use of my name I've ever heard. Ever. Why the heck didn't I come up with that idk. i guess that's why you're gonna wanna keep around... me because you're never gonna find someone like me-a-ghan Sent Send Type a Message... GIF
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    Text - 19:38 . WhatsApp Jasmine YOU MATCHED WITH JASMINE ON 08/11/2017. So what kinda porn do you watch? Sent Nothing much now since your mum retired Type a message... Send GIF
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    Text - 35 Bethlehem, PA 82% Match Just now! How dark is your humor? Just now! It picks cotton. Type message here
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    Text - oooo AT&T? 12:39 AM 71% Kel YOU MATCHED WITH KEL ON 5/5/17 Hey there how would you like some bad pick up lines May 10, 2017, 7:09 PM Yes Hit me with em May 10, 2017, 8:54 PM Are you a loan cause my interest you're gaining May 10, 2017, 10:08 PM LolllI Killed it My turn? Oh yeah let's hear it May 10, 2017, 11:55 PM Are you a banker because leave me a loan May 11, 2017, 12:25 AM Type a Message... Send GIF
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    Text - 11:35 pm 37% o Optus 4G Sam YOU MATCHED WITH SAM ON 21/5/17 4 Jun 2017, 9:21 pm 5 Jun 2017, 11:20 pm Now I feel like my wink was underwhelming 6 Jun 2017, 6:38 pm Hahahah can't beat Rihanna 7 Jun 2017, 11:35 pm Tell that to Chris Brown Sent Send Type a message... GIF
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    Text - o0o O2-UK 20% L 15:19 Alice YOU MATCHED WITH ALICE ON 3/3/17 I would love to play with your sword Mar 3, 2017, 01:42 So sorry, that was my friend Mar 3, 2017, 19:01 Well then excuse me but I think your friend and I were talking Sent Send Type a message... GIF


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