30+ Heartwarming Memes That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

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    Vehicle - 20 Year Olds Create Mobile Laundry Service For The Homeless
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    Text - jerms @dankjerms Follow My grandpa has been giving my grandma flowers everytime he goes riding for the past 40 years 8:30 PM-22 Jul 2017 1,040 Retweets 3,690 Likes
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    Text - erica. @erica_lee123 I was at Walmart tonight & I saw this man w/ a cart full of stuffed animals. When I asked him why, my heart became full. He told me that every year he dresses up as Santa & walks the halls of the children's ER & delivers one to each child. This man deserves to be recoanized.
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    Iron - Two police officers bought lunch for a mentally handicapped man at Taco Bell (Louisiana) 227 TE
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    Dog breed - IF I ask my dog Wheres your baby2 He'll find her and theyll cuddle..
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    Text - Was reading at a coffee shop and saw this guy looking up vet services for an injured sparrow he had just found. Oak Animal Hospita
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    Text - This post is for anyone who feels a little lost right now. maybe you don't know what your path in life is yet. maybe you hate your job. maybe you're still in school and you've changed your major three times. maybe you're confused about what it is that you want. maybe you know exactly what you want but have no idea how to get it. you will figure it out. you are not dead yet. you are going to figure your shit out. i believe in you
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    Dog - good boi am happ hugg makes pupper snugg
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    Tree house - Cops Finish The Tree House A Slain Officer Was Building For His Daughter
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    Photography - This tiny Jyn Erso went to the Star Wars Celebration and handed out copies of the Death Star plans to every Leia she saw
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    Dog - I love my dog. If ever I cry, he collects up dirty socks and brings them to me. They're his favourite thing in the world and they make him happy, so they'll make me happy too. He's a good boy.
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    Dog - Dog sneaks out of kennel at night to comfort cryin puppies insufficientdata We dont deserve dogs
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    Child - Child sharing food kit with dog after earthquake in Mexico
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    Text - silentthevoice Petition to change "he looked at her like she was the sun" to "he looked at her like she was the moon" and any other variation bc I look at the moon in wonder and love and amazement while I've only ever just squinted angrily at the sun louisamnanonecat He looked at her like she was the sun, in that he never looked at her except in frustration. He basked in her warmth, he complained when she was gone, but he never looked. On days she was muted, he complained. On days she was
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    Text - u/SatansJester- 7h I knew an ex palace guard, he said they had to stand to attention whenever a Royal passed, and the queen mother used to come by and my friend duly stood to attention, the QM used to say hello and pop a little wrapped sweet in his pocket, knowing the guard wasn't allowed to say thanks or anything. Then as the QM went round a corner out of sight and guard relaxed his stance the QM would comically pop her head back round the corner meaning the guard had to snap back to att
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    Dog - me love for my friends 두유 롱은 국산콩 100% 200 mg 검은콩 고칼슘 GO0D OR H DR.HWANS HEALTH SOLUTION 유관유7%(국 대두고행분 7% 전은량추술물 04 55% 60 190mil110 kcal D FOR WORLD
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    Organism - A wholesome thing: Dog toys that, when ripped, reveal a slightly smaller and sadder version of the same toy. Examples:
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    Nose - Well isn't this a cute male ostrich with a bow pill wfort pillowfort flennel sheet set eaden Like Comment 74 Sometimes he wants to feel pretty Like Reply 5 1 hr Isupport and love him Like Reply J 14 1 hr He must be part of the fantasia group Like Reply 6 1 hr et him be a little extra 5 1 hr Like Reply Is he wearing heels in the sheets? OMG! He does what he wants 3 1 hr Like Reply I was picturing him actually wearing heels while laying in between sheets! Omg so cute! Like Reply 57 mins Wri
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    Text - r/dadjokes 20h u/madazzahatter My dad always used to say, "The sky's the limit!" Which is probably why he got fired from his job at N.A.S.A. t5.1k Share 43 BEST u/CosmicJoker96 16h My teacher once told me, "The sky's the limit!" Crushed my dreams of becoming an astronaut. Reply 594 u/ryy0 15h The sky is the lower limit of your achievement. You are capable of so much more. Reply 157
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    Text - Meg @megsaystweet My Uber driver was telling me "stop apply lipstick!" and "start lipstick, Miss!" because of holes in the road... not all heroes wear capes
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    Dog - Jaira Farala @jairafarala So my dog has a closet for all of his neck ties and bow ties
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    Text - lVZW Wi-Fi 10 45% 7:13 PM Tweet Brent Beshore @BrentBeshore The most successful people I know are fueled by meaningful relationships, the exploration of big ideas, a desire to serve others, and the satisfaction of creation. @APompliano Pomp The most successful people are usually fueled by haters and naysayers, rather than the money, praise and fame. 11/14/17, 8:51 AM 24 Retweets 157 Likes
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    Text - Shelby @shellywelly53 TIP OF THE DAY; Never be embarrassed to struggle. There is absolutely no shame in working hard to get to where you want to be. God turns brokenness into BEAUTY
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    Text - SIS Follow @HERTweetx we only have one life. keep it simple. missing somebody call wanna meet up invite wanna be understood explain have questions - ask don't like something speak up like something - share it want something ask for it love someone - tell them - 9:02 PM - 21 Nov 2017 121,008 Retweets 244,579 Likes L121K 262 245K >
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    White - PL sat!
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    Text - Things I was expecting on Black Friday: A worn torn hellscape of angry baby boomers, panicked toddlers and crying retail workers while black eyes and trampling presented the norm and an obstacle for me just simply wanting a cheaper shirt What I did not expect: Seeing a Spencer's employee begin to dance hiis heart out when the original Duck Tales theme song began to play in the store while soon leading another employee to waltz and break dance with him while 90's nostalgia filled the air #
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    Text - Agnew Norm Kelly @norm Cars need a second, more friendly horn. Sometimes you wanna honk politely at someone. Oversæt fra engelsk 20/11/2017 22.54 fra Toronto, Ontario
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    Text - Imagine the payoff for early man. You give the dogs scraps and in return you get hunting partner, security system, companion. Reply 7.4k Imagine the payoff for early dog. You help the Stringbean do regular dog things and in return you get food, grooming, shelter and pats. Early mans like "Good gravy this furry friend can smell a wounded mammoth and two million miles!" Early Dogs like "Good gravy this tall friend can make fire and caves wherever he wants!" Then early cat comes along and is
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    Photograph - this morning my grandma & grandpa went back to the church where they got married in 1960 and remade a couple of the pics. they're so cute
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    Architecture - Ayoung man puts his armaround asuicidal woman as they talk above a NY subway station
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    Text - This week we had to put our dog down. Today we got this in the mail from the vet. It was totally unexpected... end famdy flems accept aett Mympecthy to ytmit Necent loss of aligal Aha wav gunt dayand f ertainly njeyed eving her as a fatient th last fu yeans Know she dearly misasdnyo hme, and tl hope thi nclorid print s a elcomed e onderstand boa bard it is to lose se heribed and leyal companion Oar thoughts are with you. eaw me Pleaseknew that wt ars tlin tyour family increly DUM
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    Airline - Couple on flight
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    Community - up and only a handful of kids got off the bus so I asked the young boys sitting out there why they wasn't in school and there response was they needed some sneakers so now they have no excuse I said that bus need to be full tomorrow 100 Free Sneak
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    Cool - 201,278 likes brianimanuel This is Noah he's my first ever american friend I used to skype him everyday when I was 12 & he taught me american slangs and culture and i just met him wtf im happy as shit
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    Dog - In China, animal rescuers paid around $8000 to buy all the dogs who were already in a truck on its way to the slaughterhouse. This is a picture taken after they brought all the dogs to their animal rescue center.
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    Cartoon - IVE FINALLY FOUND IT.. AFTER 15 YEARS THE SCKOLL oF TRUTH! W I hope you have a great day.
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    Text - jomny sun @jonnysun hi everyone just wanted to let u know, its okay. whatever it is right now that you cant live up to, its okay. if you need to hear it right now at this very moment, here: it's okay. you're doing your best. it's okay. one day at a time.
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