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5 Things You Didn't Know About Whiskey

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    Before it Was Whiskey, It Was Beer

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    According to the American Distilling Institute:
    "To distill whiskey you first have to make beer. Beer is a technical term for whiskey wash, regardless of the type of raw ingredients used."
    And it's not just a technical term, most of the ingredients going into whiskey are also in beer, some whiskeys even use hops. The whiskey is just distilled a couple of time.
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    Ireland Was the Birthplace of Whiskey

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    The first whiskey was created by Irish monks in monasteries such as this. Though there are some who would dispute this (looking at you Scotland) much of the evidence uncovered by whiskey archeologists (yes that's a real profession) points to Ireland being the birthplace of this most holy of beverages.
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    Jack Daniels Is Not Considered a Bourbon

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    Jack Daniels goes through the "Lincoln County Process" Which means the whiskey is filtered through sugar maple charcoal before it is barreled and aged. However, this doesn't mean it couldn't legally be called bourbon, as some bourbons are charcoal filtered as well. Some distillers claim the Lincoln County Process is what separates Tennessee whiskey from bourbon, but as of yet there is no strict legal definition for Tennessee whiskey.
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    Angles Love to Drink Whiskey

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    The Angels' Share is the term used for the approximately 4% of whiskey that evaporates per barrel each year. The Scots believed the angeles were testing it out, to make sure it was safe to drink. Either that or angels are just drunks.
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    Drink Whiskey the Proper Way!

    Let the smooth voice of Richard Paterson tell you how to drink whiskey like a true gentleman.


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