Turns Out Voice Votes are Fake No Matter Which Party is Holding Them

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Shocking news, I know. Here's what happened. At the Democratic National Convention yesterday, a motion was put forward to add references to God and support for Jerusalem being the capitol of Israel to the Democratic Party Platform. The mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa called for a voice vote requiring a 2/3 majority. Yays and nays sounded about equal. Villaraigosa repeated the vote two more times. Each time, the vote seemed pretty evenly split. Finally, Villaraigosa called it a "clear 2/3 majority in the affirmative." Boos erupted from the convention floor.

Immediately, conservatives took to Twitter and other social networking sites claiming "DEMOCRATS BOO GOD!" No. Just like last week, when liberals claimed Republicans were shouting down a woman for speaking Spanish, that's not what happened. In both cases people were booing a lack of fairness and democracy. It's tempting to make the other side look as bad as possible, but seriously? What actually happened in both cases is bad enough that we shouldn't have to make things up to further demonize the party we don't like.

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