5 Legal Documents Kids Need To Go Through Childhood

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    Sworn Declaration

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    Kids are questionable witnesses (hahahahahaha! Sorry. Ehem.) and often give testimony that can be wilder than a conspiracy theorist on LSD. This legal template may shine some much needed credibility on the frequently shady words of children.

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    Formal Challenge Form

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    Issuing a challenge can easily become charged with confused and clouded by the intensity of emotion. This concise form now makes it a clear and properly recorded matter.

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    Certificate of Friendship Bond

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    Painfully low on funds or tradable goods when an arrangement is being negotiated, kids rely on bartering their "best friendship" to seal the deal. This contract goes further, offering Best-EST Friendship.

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    Non-Disclosure Agreement

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    The verbal contract of "I promise I won't tell" is shamefully insufficient, with gaping 

    hoopholes. Let's bind confidentiality in something tighter than a hula hoop.

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    Official Claim Notice

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    Possession is 9/10 of the law. With this document, kids can now avoid long, drawn out, hair-pulling squabbles by putting a clear, DATED legal claim on it.


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