15 Examples of Why Facebook and Relationships Don't Mix

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    "I question my love to you (that I professed just a few hours ago)."

    Text - Jessica 3 hours ago via mobile Tonight I am spending quality time with me and my daughter and my man Aaron love you both so much xoxoxoxo with Aaron Like Comment Share 4 people like this. Evan every 3 months. 39 minutes ago Like 1 IDaaamn girl, you're worse than Taylor Swift. You're in love Jessica 6 minutes ago via mobile Like Who says I am in love Write a comment....
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    No phone? No relationship.

    Text - DOK Boyfriend Girlfriend 9 minutes ago Well hope you're happy with your decision Like huh? Like 4 minutes ago You know ignoring me breaking up with me Like 3 minutes ago you broke up with me? Like 3 minutes ago No I didn't? Could you just answer me please:/ Like 3 minutes ago mps my phones not turning on :/ Like 2 minutes ago Were not broken Like Just now up are we:/ no why would we be? Like Just now
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    Sometimes, it's unclear who your significant other actually is.

    Text - <<Girlfriend Saturday at 8:04pm I love texting my boyfriend! :) <3 Like Comment and 7 others like this. Hmm... I don't remember getting any texts from you.. <Boyfriend Saturday at 8:29pm Like 32 Aww, I love texting youtoo :)<Apparent other Boyfriend Johann Saturday at 8:36pm Like 1 Dohann?! You're going out with ERE I THOUGHT WE W FRIENDS! Saturday at 8:56pm Like 2 START Johann EXPLAINING, BITCH Saturday at 11:08pm via mobile Like WHAT?1? |I THOUGHT YOU BROKE UP WITH5 Write a comment....
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    No, really, who are they?

    Text - Haden Loves his new phone and can't wait to see my girl soon :) Like Comment Share 17 hours ago via mobile likes this. Taryn Can't wait to see you too boo 15 hours ago via mobile Like | Wow taryn I was talking about shelbie Haden 15 hours ago via mobile Like Taryn 13 hours ago via mobile Like oh... Ouch,,, okay Haden Yeah 13 hours ago via mobile Like Write a comment...
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    Relationships can really knock your socks off sometimes.

    Text - 8 hours ago near O via mobile do you want your socks back? You left my boyfriend. Hey them in my car while you were Like Comment 2 people like this. View 15 more comments
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    Or your hat...

    Text - February 2 guy in the green hat Like Comment 3 mmmmmmmmmmm<3 February 2 at 7:40am via mobile Like i have a green hat February 2 at 2:42pm Like no. February 2 at 3:01pm via mobile Unlike 1 Write a comment...
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    If 60 years is your Diamond Anniversary, then what is two months? Aluminum? Granite?

    Text - 2 months today, I love you babe so much I wunna grow old with you, you are my world, my life, my everything xo000000000000x-with at Tattoo Studio. Like Comment Share 45 minutes ago in
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    "Oh and by the way..."

    Text - went from being "in a relationship" to "single." Like Comment 26 minutes ago So your dumping me?: failbook.comminites ann Iike
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    Pluto would like to have a word with you.

    Text - 17 hours ago via Mobile Without my think I'd be chronically depressed This boy is fabulous and I love him to Pluto and back (see what did there cause Pluto doesn't exist so you just carry on going forever) Xoo000 Like Share 2 peoole like this.
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    I'll take the highway, thanks.

    Text - Katelyn 13 hours ago via mobile X It's my way or no way . Sorry , but that's just how I am . (; Like Comment land 10 others like this. Precious Zach Maybe that's why you're single 13 houre ann via mohila : Tiba 4
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    And I'll drive on that highway in my teal Volvo.

    Text - my girlfriend thinks i'm going 2 the gym. what about yours? anyway i'll b behind @bestbuy in a teal volvo. xo Like Comment 26 minutes ago 2 people like this. t, i didn't mean to post this to facebook, does anyone know how to delete this from my phone ASAP???? 25 minutes ago Like Write a comment...
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    "What? I don't count?"

    Text - James Need a man in my life Like Comment 55 minutes ago via mobile Husband James Wtf 45 minutes ago via mobile Like 1
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    "A public social media network might interfere with my relationship? Whodathunk?"

    Text - What happened to my relationship being between just me and my bf? Like Comment about an hour ago via mobile 3 people like this Do not let anyone run ur relationship about an hour ago via mobile Like Tell my mom that about an hour ago via mobile Like I thought it was friends about an hour ago via mobile Like Not ru relationship just asked a damn question about an hour ago via mobile Like anyones Mom Write a comment...
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    They just weren't built to last.

    Text - i am in love!!!!!) Like Comment 36 minutes ago likes this. now i am single : Like Comment 2 minutes ago


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