15 Genius Parenting Hacks That All Parents Need to Know!

Parenting is hard! and sometimes you need help. So try out these amazing hacks and see if they help you out! 

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    Cardboard Box Creativity

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    No more messes on the wall, or floor! 

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    Shoe Stickers

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    Help them learn how to put shoes on the right foot! 

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    Parent Platform

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    Want to take the perfect picture? Have your baby relaxed and comfortable while you do! 

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    Help Paint the Fence

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    Your little helper more in the way than helping? Give them a brush with some water! 

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    Glow Stick Bath Time!

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    Make bath time fun with glow sticks! But be careful...so they don't break! 

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    Help Find the Items Game

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    Have your minions help you find lost items around the house for a small prize! 

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    Divide and conquer!

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    Kids fighting in the car and you need to concentrate driving? Separation is a good thing sometimes. 

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    Watermelon Sticks!

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    Kids get too messy while eating watermelon, so make it kid friendly!

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    Spray The Monsters Away

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    Kids afraid of the monster in the closet or under the bed? Leave a spray filled with water and tell them monsters hate the smell! 

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    Anti-Slipping Velcro

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    This one isn't just for kids! This is a danger to all! Make sure to keep your house safe from those edges creeping up and tripping people!

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    Make Time Fun!

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    Let your kid tell time while getting things done! 

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    Hidden Candy Treasure

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    For all the parents out there! 

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    Shade Sheet

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    Keep them nice and cozy in the shade on a sunny day! 

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    Sand Sheet

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    Perfect for a beach outing, and keeping the sand away! Plus a perfect play pin for smaller kids! 

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    Sweeping Game

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    Get them to help you out with creating every chore into a game!

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