Wendy's Sets Twitter Ablaze With Fiery Insults On National Roast Day

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    Text - Wendy's @Wendys Follow A McRefund #NationalRoast Day Danny Vitola @lamDannyV @Wendys I was thinking of going to@McDonalds... what should i get?
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    Text - Wendy's 2318 5.1K @Wendys Jan 4 He can wait in line, but we'll probably run out of roasts before we get to him. Boogie2988 @Boogie2988 Hey @Wendys, bet you can't roast @Mike_Haracz
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    Text - Wendy's 7.0K 27K @Wendys Jan 4 How many RTs for 15 more minutes of fame? Carter Wilkerson@carterjwm yo @Wendys roast me, and don't hold back
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    Text - Joshua @Josho2458 Jan 4 Why do you have so much beef with McDonald's and Burger King? t 1 1 24 Wendy's Follow @Wendys Replying to @Josho2458 They have to put something in those freezers
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    Product - Will Maher @Will Maher Jan 4 @Wendys Take your shot t 5 1 19 Wendy's Follow @Wendys Replying to @WillMaher swipe left
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    Text - Penny Kuncaitis Follow @onesentpenny Replying to @Wendys How come no one goes to the Wendy's by my house? #NationalRoastDay
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    Text - Wendy's @Wendys Follow Replying to @onesentpenny They're going, but why aren't they inviting you?
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    Product - JJ Snyder Follow @j2snyder About to go live in Las Vegas. What u got @Wendys @LVMorningBlend @ShawnTempesta ng
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    Text - Wendy's @Wendys Follow Replying to @j2snyder @LVMorningBlend @Shawn Tempesta Looks like the Diet Coke version of Seth MacFarlane hanging out with the woman with |the largest collection of throw pillows featuring "funny" wine quotes.
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    Text - Jonathan Bennett Follow JonathanBennett Replying to @Wendys Come for me Wendy's...
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    Text - Wendy's Follow @Wendys Replying to @Jonathan Bennett Regina is cheating on you with Shane Oman.
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    Selfie - savage @YaBoySavage Jan 4 roast me @Wendys please do your worst t 26 15 128 Wendy's Follow @Wendys Replying to eYaBoySavage When you try flexin in the selfie but remember you can barely lift the watch on your wrist >
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    Text - Andy Herren Follow GAndyHerren Replying to @Wendys Roast me, daddy.
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    Text - Wendy's Follow @Wendys Replying to BAndyHerren Congrats on winning a show we forgot even existed
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    Text - Rios Sloppeey @Slopster Follow Replying to @Wendys Roast me or I'm going to McDonald's
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    Text - Wendy's Follow @Wendys Replying to@Slopster Guess if you're going to be let down, might as well be let down twice.
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    Text - Jaymes Vaughan Follow @JaymesV This is so what I needed to get my morning started off right. Come on Wendy's what you got?!
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    Text - Wendy's Follow @Wendys Replying to@JaymesV You're on like 15 different shows and we still had to google you
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    Text - Allison Croghan Follow @AllisonCroghan Replying to @Wendys hey can you roast @anchormandan please? I want to read it on TV in 10 minutes.
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    Text - Wendy's Follow @Wendys Replying to @AllisonCroghan @anchormandan Looks kind of like when your dad's "hip" friend says "fam" and then asks if you're into the X Games
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    Text - Geroge W. Bush is the Anti-Christ Follow @GabeHorsley Replying to @Wendys Your roast have been mediocre so far #NationalRoast Day
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    Text - Wendy's Follow @Wendys Replying to @GabeHorsley Are you as let down as you were when the barber spun you around to the mirror after that haircut?
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    Face - Dr.Jr@FreezyRaul Jan 4 @Wendys Roast me please!
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    Text - Wendy's Follow @Wendys Replying to @FreezyRaul Someone's gonna have to teach you to shave soon. What an exciting time.
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    Text - quentin is a meme Follow @Quenor_Traintin Replying to@Wendys McDonald's burgers are out of this world
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    Text - Wendy's @Wendys Follow Replying to @Quenor_Traintin Everything is frozen in space
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    Text - Garth Manthe Follow @iapperture Replying to@Wendys Imagine if your burgers were as good as your copywriters .
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    Text - Wendy's Follow @Wendys Replying to@iapperture Hope your brand strategy is better than your copywriters #contentcontent
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    Text - Massillon Mafia Follow @MassillonMafia Replying to @Wendys Try roasting one of the best bowling trios ever
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    Text - Wendy's Follow @Wendys Replying to @MassillonMafia Why does it take three of you to roll a ball?
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    Text - Brad Myhren Follow @BradleyMyhren @Wendys people only go to your restaurant because they like your Twitter account, and only go once cause your food is average
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    Text - Wendy's Follow @Wendys Replying to @BradleyMyhren Have you ever been on a second date Brad?


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