I Would Play the Heck Out of Pokémon Serenity and Anarchy

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    Serenity and Anarchy

    pokemon serenity anarchy
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    Team Order

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    Team Kaos

    team kaos
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    The Fontou League

    fontou league
    From left to right:

    Dismeth: Dark gym leader
    Christian and Christina: Normal gym leaders
    Rosie: Fighting gym leader
    Winter: Ice gym leader
    Juliet: Psychic gym leader
    Wolff: Ghost gym leader
    Levi: Dragon gym leader
    Chelsea: Water gym leader
    Audra: Electric elite 4 member
    Brynn: Fire elite 4 member
    Grungy: Poison elite 4 member
    Dustin: Ground elite 4 member
    Xavier: Champion, Fairy type master, Prince of Fontou
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    Sushi Pokémon!

    sushi pokemon
  • 6

    Fluffy Poodles

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    Prism Pokémon

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    Strawberry Slugs

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    There are loads more Pokémon where these came from, check them out here!


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