I Can Has Cheezburger?

Tumblr Posts About Puplicious Pups (23 Posts)

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    Pomeranian - pinkrazr officer: pop the trunk me: I can explain
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    Dog - Zhhrávtevs PINLMA tastefullyoffensive: Three degrees of curiosity. [
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    Basket - fruitsgarden: my children have too many legs..but they are handsome and strong
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    Dog - He's sad because he thinks it's closed. tastefullyoffensive: claudette45morgan]
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    Dog - beesmygod: What a weird piano
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    Dog breed - will-die-laughing solarsweeps the dog all puppies aspire to be he did it he caught the tail his face just says "what am i going to do with my life now
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    Photo caption - Breaking News LIVE Rising ocean levels threaten Corgi EXCLUSIVE stoned-levi that settles it we have to get rid of the ocean
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    Vertebrate - LIBERTY HUMANE SOCIETY (201) 547-4147 awwww-cute: Saw this dog for adoption, he's obviously been practicing for visitors
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    Dog - awwww.cute: My friend wanteda dog so he went and adopted Hank. He is a little different
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    Shar pei - scarygoddess: I, a big wrinkle, made all of these smaller wrinkles.
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    Dog - i dont know what kind of animal that is so im gonna call it a puggle wuggle Looks like a malamute pup to me. They're ridiculously floofy.
  • 13
    Table - dapenguinninja: awwww-cute: He is in denial about no longer fitting in his favorite pudpy napping spots
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  • 14
    Dog - nicevagina "Yesterday I was a puppy, today I will dog." 223,111 notes tl
  • 15
    Dog breed - diacrit: hanesonly: I almost forgot my briefcase! it contains important lab results
  • 16
    Grass - redlark There's a hole in my lawn and evidently Welly just discovered it's perfectly dog shaped
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    Dog - eekycrap harrygomeme Look at this purebread puppy i'm done
  • 18
    Dog - weather: shuckl: your dog is melting and you just stand taking pictures absolutely disgusting Why do people take pictures of their floor I dont get it
  • 19
    Dog - karlos86: You seem... to have.... a pokémon . ..
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  • 20
    Mammal - kodalinarry apparently, tongue out is the best way to sleep
  • 21
    Dog - foie: thecutestofthecute: My friend saw on Animal Planet that Golden Retriever's mouths are so soft they can carry eggs without breaking them, so she tested it.
  • 22
    Dog - awwww.cute Another vicious dog attack
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    Vertebrate - awwww.cute An Australian Blue Heeler goes to sleep on top of the flock it has herded


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