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Most Patient Pet Owner Takes Giant Turtle Out For Long Walks

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    Meet The Most Patient pet owner in the world

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    He is a Tokyo resident who regularly takes his pet turtle out for walks in the neighborhood.  The two faithful friends are often spotted side to side, slowly pacing along the streets and sidewalks of Tsukishima, a neighborhood known for its high concentrations of monjayki restaurants

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    He leads the way and his tortoise follows him closely, or as closely as tortoise can manage.

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    Sometimes they go the distance. Often going from Tsukishima marked in red and Ginza marked in blue, these two neighborhoods are several blocks away.

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    He’ll often dress his African spurred tortoise in different cute outfits

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    The animal is native to the southern Sahara desert, but seems comfortable enough in the concrete jungle of downtown Tokyo.

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    What a friendship!


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