20+ Random Memes That Will Obliterate Your Boredom

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    Text - Jackson Daniels @StainGod that's what you get for inventing calculus pwussyboi Seriously Strange @SeriousStrange Sir Isaac Newton died a virgin. 9/20/16, 8:40 PM 840 RETWEETS 717 LIKES
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    Cartoon - The harvest is bountiful this year. culcit ucs tu rbiedten hpcte lam memati
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    Text - When you hurt your brother and he threatens to tell your mom I'm sorry You're fine. l'll let you hit me back...
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    Text - I don't even need to know the context of this drawing. Pussy game so strong it scared the devil Danksavagememes
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    Cartoon - Soon sucet heart when will the baby come mommy? arousedbreadstick: Each day we travel further from gods light.
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    Cartoon - Don't Go! No... Hmm? This... This is... Perfect
  • 7
    Face - My how the tables have turned rCgropm TOY D SI
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    Cartoon - disney "Do you trust me?" the-art-student-in-221c no where are your nipples
  • 9
    Face - When you're on your period and your man breathes wrong. @NorthWitch69 Honey,you've gota big storm comin'
  • 10
    Facial expression - Girl: I love guys that are rich Guy: I pay for Spotify Premium Girl: He's the one slicedsourdough
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  • 11
    Face - guys with stubble Gustrialychinge The.purple.sock
  • 12
    Text - Literally anyone: Hey, can l ask you something? Me: [ inner panic atack]
  • 13
    Text - lonlibra i only post when i respect women quenoir but you're always posting lonlibra
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    Text - Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump I'd like to see North Korea fight our highly trained army! LIKES RETWEETS 13,539 6,360 12:26 PM-16 Aug 2017 464 1314K 6K
  • 15
    Superhero - I'm Peter-Man! Imean...Spider-Parker Shit
  • 16
    Photo caption - You're allergic to dogs, arent you? PERALTAGOSCENES IG 1.12 Nope. just need an epipen because my happiness is making my throat close up
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    Cartoon - when your therapist tells you your suicidal jokes are an unhealthy coping mechanism
  • 18
    Facial expression - when you're feeling all sad and emotional but then you remember who you are I'm sorry? What the hell am I sorry for? I love you. I'm sorry.
  • 19
    Dog - My pregnant wife has been practicing her swaddling technique on the dog. Reddit u/ohaivoltage @DrSmashlove
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    Product - 2018 needs to chill a little bit T00 INTRODUCING echoflush "Alexa...wipe." amazon ebreze Efects Prime 870 adam.the.creator
  • 21
    Vehicle door - *Devil Went Down to Georgia comes on the radio* Me:
  • 22
    Transport - Leave full Beers all over your driveway tonight so when u are shoveling tomorrow you can pretend it's a treasure hunt and reward yourself!
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    Text - Please do not post pictures of trains here. Thank you. Training Room
  • 24
    Shelf - I have no idea who Lauren is, but I do know I already don't like her. Lauren keeps the look neutral by stacking books back to front J&L
  • 25
    Product - Sex Robot: "So what are we?" Мe: Aampering with assebI device ds the wara RESET
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    Cake - got a walmart cake for my bro-in-law nick & the woman asked his name i thought she said color so i said "surprise me" &she put steve im done Hapra Buthdai Stwe
  • 27
    Bakery - The "vegetarian" section at my local super market is literally just garlic bread and to be honest, I'm seriously considering being a vegetarian. VEGETARIAN SALL LARLIC GARITO ARIC
  • 28
    Text - "I think I got a case of the Winter Blues." Me: @comfysweaters Hey, put in Air Bud 7 and it'll chase all them vibes away
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    Text - MehGyver @AndrewNadeau0 1d HIM: Hi, I stole your identity, I've been living Oun 7 Pens! CDO as you for a week. МЕ: HIM: МЕ: HIM: *Just starts crying* ME: *Hugs him* Hey, it's okay- HIM: *Loud crying* Like, how do you even get up in the morning? ME: Shh, I know, I know. It's gonna be okay.
  • 30
    Lecture - "Our next guest will be speaking about tennis balls and why u shouldn't fake the throw" Shitheadsteve
  • 31
    Adaptation - This a visual representation of "gotta throw the whole apartment away." LADbible @ladbible Man burns down his apartment while trying to kill a massive wolf spider with fire.
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    Advertising - GUNS & SAND CLUB WE LIKE GUNS We Like the loud noise &bullet that comes out WE LIKE SAND We like how it Feels & how it tastes WE ROLL AROUND IN IT LEARN MORE & JOIN GUNSANDSAND.COM FB.COM/ALANWAGNERANDHISVIDS
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    Text - High school students: "Wow it's so cold. School better get canceled." College students:
  • 34
    Text - who suffer the Moonsickness Cotton Fingers 36 LADYTIME OBJECTS whataremonsters: benedictcumberassbutt: hellotailor liartownusa Cotton Fingers package 36 ladytime objects i refuse to call me period anything other than moonsickness now We are in fact werewolves
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    Lighting - This couple had a slideshow of their favorite memes at their wedding and officially changed the game drgrayfang hen mene tetevouthy aeue yo ut o one e fd you and i wit kil you
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    Photography - N Netflix US @netflix ok google Young Mother Sewing 81% Mary Cassatt match VOUR Google Arts & Culture


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