17 Idiots Who Got Called Out For Lying On The Internet

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    Text - 49%3:30 PM 3:30 PM Be the first to like this. Most Recent Christmas isn't about overpriced gifts and bragging rights to what you bought for who. It's about being a good person and helping out your fellow person. Don't lose sight of the real deal. Make sure you put that on the copy the server takes. You wrote that on the guest copy 1 minute ago Like EAT P zE e rearreatre to t See ose for cup nte rules, aligality, Sst erud, ard provie . stakes soonscred by Epatic , acros ultip'e rtetiol cie
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    Bae caught me slippin'

    Nose - 11:32 AM AT&T d 65% PHOTO 17m 105 likes was ouuunininint Love my boy If your both asleep who took the pic?
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    Totally happened

    Text - Nash Grier" I Promise my grand mother before she died that I will get this page to 50k and in a week can ya please help me because I want to keep my promise please help by liking my Page ! Like Reply 2 2 hours ago That's sweet of you; I'l "Like" both the video and your comment Like 2 hours ago you promised your grandmother you'd get a nash grier fanpage to 50k before she died? i dont think so Like 16 2 hours ago "Grandmom I swear before you die i'll make a Nash Grier page have 50k likes."
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    Taking credit for an artists work...

    Snout - Rebecca 10 minutes ago via mobile The hurrier i go, the behinder i get. i drew this. the Like Comment Unfolow Post Share 2 people like this. t I go behir ges Your name is Claire Stevenson? ol/ Alice in Wonderland - White Rabbit NteA sketch of the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. a few seconds ago Like Remove Preview Write a comment...
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    Idiot forgets about an excuse they made...

    Text - 4 hrs Out with the hubby! Enjoy a few much needed cocktails! Like Comment Share 3 people like this. thought you were covering for your boss since his dad died. If you guys didn't want to come over for dinner, that's fine, but you didn't have to make up such a terrible excuse. 2 hrs Edited Like My dad is very much alive... 1 hr Like
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    Look at the right girl's waist

    Bikini - l Verizon 10:07 PM Post Liked by e my reaction to surviving finals week! now someone send savannah and I back to the beach" View all 3 comments e that makes us all sad That's damn impressive, tnat waist is so amazing that even the house in the background is stretching it's self to get a view. I wish I could bend reality the way you do. 2 DAYS AGO
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    Anti-Vaxxer lies about degree...

    Text - And this is why I'm not willing to get dragged into a heated debate over vaccines with you. There is a plethora of information out there guys... if you are willing to do the research the way I did. Just for the record, I have done my Masters in Science Epidemiology. I simply don't have time to sit and educate those who are so short sighted and nasty. Hide Tuesday at 22:09 If that's the case, you might want to update your LinkedIn profile.... t's only showing your BA in music/singing.....
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    “I’m not kidding” - “It was just a joke”

    Text - When I say this I'm not kidding if anybody hurts any other animal I'm going to kill them and if you think I'm lying I already killed somebody that kick my dog 4 weeks ago 59 28 Add a public reply... I'm calling the police 2 weeks ago D 9 it was just a joke I just got really mad and said please don't do that again that's really mean of you 2 weeks ago 5 АНАНАНАНАНАНАНА
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    Elon Musk calls out Wired

    Text - WIRED@WIRED 6h Does a public transit builder actually have to love the idea of public transportation? Elon Musk Really Doesn't Like Mass Transit Systems He's Trying to .. The man trying to construct tunnels around the country is awfully unimpressed by the basic concept of shared, public transportation. wired com t 48 22 151 Elon Musk Following @elonmusk Replying to @WIRED This depressingly misleading & misanthropic article came from a very brief digression at an Al conf, not from an inter
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    Pseudoscience gets called out by actual scientist

    Text - shared post 39 mins ADDERALL CRYSTAL METH Yesterday at 1:38pm For those of you who take adderall & swear you aren't a meth head. Like Comment Share 3 As a biochemist, I have a duty to point out that the extra methyl group sticking out could increase affinity for neurotransmitter receptors by a factor of 100, possibly even in the 1000x-10000x range That's a huge thing to consider It's this kind of affinity difference that causes carbon monoxide to kill you if it's in high enough concentrat
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    Instagram 'artist' traces a different artists work

    Text - Неу @ the "similarities" between your art and can you explain this piece by @shintarokago? by similarities i mean the tracing Q 1,878 views Last weekend to see my fied drawings at @romeo_nyc 2017/09/12. 12:53 AM
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    Ad agency makes fake viral tweet...

    Text - Kylie Jenner Follow @Kylielenner Fake as fuck stop it @ unprofessional enner nner er Sorry you have to dea ate seeing ads that don't apere to help people! (We Des and FitTea promotion ng promos for ble get jobs. Lol no thanks. 2018 Twitter Abc Privacy policy 016 5:57 PM 1 Dec 2016 3,610 Retweets 18,589 Likes 473 t 3.6K 19K Kylie Jenner @KylieJenner I lowkey hate seeing ads that don't apply to me. Keep getting promos for app that helps people get jobs. Lol no thanks an Sorry you
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    More fake artists...

    Face - September 9, 2013. Like - Comment Share 5 people like this this is a drawing that I did 5 hrs Like Your very talented 3 hrs Like thank you I love to draw a lot 1 hr - Like in you. My brother and nephew are both very It must be the talented drawers as well. 1 hr Like I didn't know you could draw like that. 1 hr Like Original. Create your own self Just a random the idea from the many such Ph
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    "its not fotoshopped bud"

    Barechested - After a week of hard work I finally have a six-pack! Skin is off color due to hard hours put in daily. It hurts but it's worth it! Hope I can keep it and color heals up soon! Share and 3 others like this. s Teech mi fotoshop pls February 24 at 8: 16pm via mobile 1 Haha February 24 at 8:20pm.via mobile It's not fotoshoped bud. #LEGIT February 24 at 8:21pm Via mobie R this leegit February 24 at 8:24pm via mobile Bnde February 24 at 8:26pm L2blend m8 hasn't seen me topless this week s
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    "My kid posted this to Instagram"

    Face - chrisdelia Follow Tweet 34 oo0o AT&T Wi-Fi 2:25 AM Tweet Kim Kardashian West @KimKar... 11/6/15 North posted this on IG while playing games on my phone. Not sure why or how she chose it but I'm not complaining RP Chris D'Elia @chrisdelia @KimKardashian I have a son and he posted this by mistake. A AAA Reply to Chris D'Elia, Kim Kardashian Wes Explore Notifications Messages Home 15,014 likes chrisdelia Wtf Kim it happened to me too! Fuckin kids!
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    Logan Paul lies about his new watch...

    Text - Logan Paul @LoganPaul Follow new vlog new watch $3,000,000 go... watch Lol see what I did there 2:32 PM-15 Nov 2017 1,222 Retweets 17,975 Likes 340 1.2K 18K Tweet your reply L-au :11h Replying to @LoganPaul 511/1219 MY NEW $3,000,000 WATCH! 1,487,596 views 1K Logan Paul Vlogs Published on Nov 15, 2017 Rolex President Il Men's 218206 Pre-Owned SUBSCRIBE 13M C$ 58,230 B Prectionpa Pacific Bay Watch Corporation Pacific Watch Inc SUGGEST A PRICE 1 1 that is not a $3,000,000 watch. $60,000 is
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    Cheater complains about loyalty...

    Text - Dawg, pause. Didn't you cheat on me? Guys if u date me all that I ask is for u to give me ur undivided attention & loyalty... who am I kidding there's no such thing. 3/17/17, 9:04 PM 224 RETWEETS 438 LIKES


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