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"Rich Cat Check": New Viral Trend Has TikTokers Showing Off Their Spoiled Kitties


Picture this: You're scrolling through TikTok, your algorithm knows you're a cat person, you start to her Luigi Boccherini's famous classical piece “Minuetto," you've now reached #RichCatCheck. 


“I'm a kitty who takes everything for granted!” he sings, "I love you though. This viral trend on TikTok has people showing off how much they spoil their cats and it's like no other. No one spoils more than a cat parent. These kitten folk will literally dedicate their entire house to their cats. Personalized painted portraits of their kitty hung on the walls, intricate tunnels and ledges throughout the entire house for their cat to privately explore, travel photoshoots, gourmet dinners, even outdoor oasis just for the use of cats. It's ridiculous and yes, I'm jealous AF. 


Seriously, you don't see #RichDogCheck trending or #RichBirdCheck—why are cats so often showered in gifts? I mean, even the ancient Egyptians worshipped these little furballs as gods. Actually,  showing off your Egyptian god cat is also a trend on TikTok! Cat people truly are on an entirely different level. 


#RichCatCheck (original video):

Spoiled AF, but still so lovable. 



Epic Cat Room:

That disco ball tho!



An IKEA TV console converted to a litter box/storage unit:


His room is bigger than mine:


Home is where the cat is:



Mama in her Tepee:



They've even got their own outdoor oasis:


They even have painted kitty portraits:



If these cats were humans, they'd probably be super annoying travel influencers:



Gourmet dinner & a date:


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