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Viral TikToker Duets with Cats and Dogs to Make Catchy Tunes


TikTok user @hirokisan79 is simply brilliant. He takes videos of animals making hilarious noises and turns them into short catchy af songs. We're not talking just some tiptaps in the background of a chicken clucking. No sir! He makes beautiful short melodies that could totally go platinum. 


His videos quickly go viral and rightfully so. He takes his keyboard and accompanies these animals to whatever woes they're singing about. Some turn out to be brooding ballads, while others are upbeat musical ditties. It's so satisfying and will without a doubt put a smile on your face—maybe even get stuck in your head. 


Below, we gathered some of our favorite tracks. Lots of cats and dogs, but also many other animals that are just shockingly good at holding a tune. Most of these animals can sing better than humans. 


“Dog Song” in ragtime


“Dog Song” of frustration or joy 


He can make huskies sound like professional opera singers, cats sound like they should actually be in the musical Cats, and he even makes a goat sound like a tango player. It's absolutely absurd what that this man can do. 


“Dog Song” joyful husky 


“Dog Song” opera husky


“Dog Song” Parisian bread


“Dog Song” a Mini Sausage ballad


When it comes to cats, who knew they were such good percussionists? 


“Cat Song” of hunger


“Kitten Song” of many mews 


“Cat Song” does percussion 


“Cat Song” a diva


“Cat Song” sleepy or about to pounce


We can't let cats and dogs take all the spotlight. Check out some of these bangers from other animals looks frogs and goats


“Hamster Song” the Turkish March 


“Frog Song” amazing


“Duck Song” cute steps


“Horse Song” playing squeaky chicken


“Goat Song” a tango


“Cow Song” cowbell waltz


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