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You Can Now Adopt a Dog Based On Your Share Love Of Music

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    Ray. Lives for electronic music.

    Ray's heart pounds in beats per minute. No matter if it's about some punchy techno or soothing minimal sound – he knows how to party. Ray is a French Bulldog mix, 1 year old and small-sized

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    Moshi. Enjoys classical music.

    This royal majesty of a dog called Moshi melts away while listening to classical music or operas. Clearly, he is a dog of high demand and exquisite taste. Moshi is a Lhasa Apso mix, 3,5 years old and small-sized.

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    Gloria. Bounces to Hip Hop.

    Gloria looks like a cute little Min Pin – but deep inside, she is a real thug. Coming straight from the block and digging the blackest rhymes and beats she is looking for a new buddy. Gloria is a Min Pin mix, 9,5 years old and small-sized.

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    Milow. Rolls to Rock.

    When it comes to music, this lively young boy needs something more extreme to get off the floor. Run some Rock'nRoll to him and Milow will waltz off in blissful happiness. Milow is a Jack Russel Terrier, 7,5 years old and small-sized.

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    The Puppies. Cavorting to Indie-Pop.

    Soulful lyrics and heart fulfilling music make those cute little puppies happier than anything else. Dancing, jumping, exploring the world – nothing can stop them when the indie-pop plays.


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