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My Body Wasn't Ready for All These New Star Wars Things

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    In case you missed it or just want to see it again, here's the new trailer

    So much happens in this one! Take note: whoever is talking in this trailer says his dad "has" the force, not "had." It could well be that it isn't Luke, but his son, Ben, unless that charred helmet is supposed to be a hint that we haven't seen the last of Anakin. More likely though, is that it is Luke, and the voiceover is just lifted directly from Return of the Jedi. Someone's created an overlay of the audio from the trailer and the ROTJ scene where the speech originally appeared to prove it, and they totally match.

    Meanwhile, we got another great look at the crossguard saber and its user:

    Who the heck is that? Do we really have to wait until Christmas to find out??
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    Be warned though, this is basically me every time I watch that trailer

    Tears, tears everywhere. Especially when this happened:

    I wasn't ready! Too many feels!
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    Star Wars Battlefront REVEALED!

    The next Star Wars: Battlefront game was revealed, which hits stores on November 17.  The game will not have a single player linear story campaign, but rather a series of short missions that can be played solo or cooperatively plus competitive multiplayer.  The first free DLC will come out shortly after the game's release, on December 8 (or December 1 if you pre-ordered the game).  That DLC will let you experience the Battle of Jakku, which takes place shortly after Return of the Jedi.     
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    All Nippon Airways announced a new R2D2 skinned jet

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    BB-8 Has an Adorable Voice!

    Star Wars' newest soccer ball, er, droid, got to make his stage debut, and gosh isn't he just the cutest thing?  The internet wastes no time, of course, and this guy is already working on his own BB:

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    Star Wars Celebration Anaheim has seen some amazing cosplay

    Cheezburger Image 8479874560

    Via: shadowtrooper501

    December can't come fast enough!


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