35 Things People Overheard That Are Extra Cringeworthy Out Of Context

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    Text - Cassi Sterner Follow @cassisterner Overheard at the library... "I just don't understand super old tech like USB drives."
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    Text - Joshua Mattless Follow @JoshMattless Overheard the owner of the hostel talking about a 'monkey party'. Asked him about it and he told me there would be loads of monkeys. Took the lads down there to find out there was a load of monks . Language barrier
  • 3
    Text - MUNCH! Follow @munchmusic overheard last night: "doing coke in the bathroom with someone is not a business meeting"
  • 4
    Text - Shawn and Jill Follow @shawnandjill Overheard on the subway: Woman 1: "Succulents are actually REALLY hard to take care of! They're VERY SENSITIVE!!" Woman 2: "...ME TOO!??!"
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  • 5
    Text - caitlin Follow @caitlinnkenney overheard at the press "chapstick sells,sex sells and pancakes sell"
  • 6
    Text - JESSICA Follow @Jess_i_ca Overheard "I wanna look like a snack but I keep eating them" #sameaf
  • 7
    Text - Matt Kroschel Follow @Matt_Kroschel Overheard in the living room earlier: "damn that was my favorite spatula, it was from Pampered Chef, Noah, you're killing Stop eating utensils." - Bae talking to dog #dogproblems
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  • 8
    Text - Jen O'Beirne Follow @paddyinacab Overheard in the office "I could never be Vegan, I'd get bored of eating chicken everyday"
  • 9
    Text - Jennifer Michelle Greenberg Follow @JGrassman Overheard in the bathroom: "Yes! Sit on the toilet, your magical throne. This toilet is the source of your powers!" 5YO to 3YO
  • 10
    Text - ariana Follow @vinsmokesanjis "How do you know you don't like sex if you've never had sex? Like how do you know you don't like fries if you've never eaten fries?" Overheard while in the bathroom
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  • 11
    Text - bs Follow @bart_smith overheard at the movie theater: "Was that RuPaul at the end [of the Mamma Mia trailer]?" (It was Cher)
  • 12
    Text - niro Follow @cherrytisane overheard: this bathroom isn't pretty enough for me to take an instagram photo in
  • 13
    Text - Max Follow _maxcorbett "lettuce is just crunch water mate" Conversation I overheard at the gym
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  • 14
    Text - Biggus Dixus Follow @alanwdix [overheard at the VA -old vet: Did you see your doctor yet? -older vet: I saw some meathead that said he was a doctor, why?
  • 15
    Text - RZ Follow @rtzmane "Overheard University" OM JD Williams Starbucks line Girl 1: "Yea I slept with him" Girl 2: "I thought we said 2018 was the year of meaningful sex ONLY" Girl 1: "It was meaningful in the moment"
  • 16
    Text - Melina Follow @MusingCoconut I love you... but not "buy you a $2500 MacBook" love you -overheard in class today
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  • 17
    Text - Vanessa Varin Follow @VLVarin Overheard at #Target: Man: No babe, you already have five lipsticks Woman: Exactly, ONLY five.
  • 18
    Text - Kayla Finnerty Follow @kayeluh Overheard at Target today lady: oh I'm sorry I thought you worked here because you're wearing red other lady: I wear red everyday to symbolize the blood of all the men who have disrespected me I've found a new friend
  • 19
    Text - Rob Woodyard Follow @robwoodyard1 Overheard in the bar at Chili's a little while ago: "Why are those guys singing about a desperate Cheeto?" #Grammys
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  • 20
    Text - Kelly Follow @klmissnorth Some man just walked into the pub with a carrier bag, goes to the bar, puts his bag down and says 'it's not a bomb'. The bemused barman says ..ok' to which he replies 'Look! Look at my plant!' And whips it out #wtf #overheard
  • 21
    Text - julia nall @julia_nall Follow overheard at the store: "do i feel hot" "you look hot ;)" "katie, be serious. i could be dying."
  • 22
    Text - Tyrannosaurus Jess Follow @JKShort Overheard kid at the store tonight: "Dad, what's a Luigi board?"
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  • 23
    Text - Manders Follow @Mandersfun |Overheard someone at the store today "get this bowl for dip, bitches love dip" #NotAllHeroesWearCapes
  • 24
    Text - BluThundur Follow @BluThundur Overheard today from a parent comparing complaining about they're child's school: "They say she needs to read more at home. What's the point of reading a book you're not going to be tested on?"
  • 25
    Text - Risu BACK #G5 Follow @BlueRisu Overheard at the ER nurse 1: did you see that cute guy earlier? nurse 2: (excitedly) the one with the high blood pressure?? nurse 1: yeah!!
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  • 26
    Text - Adam Follow @apomeroy T TREADIN Overheard a defendant in court today: so my buddy invited me over for a wine and cheese party after our hunting trip; he served boxed wine and string cheese.
  • 27
    Text - Mitchell Klein Follow @mk1ein21 Overheard on scanner: A man dressed as a ninja is stealing alcohol from a store.
  • 28
    Text - Lauren Lane Follow @laurenlanee Overheard at the bar: "We broke up! Stop texting me about my cat!" ...I felt that
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  • 29
    Text - Lexi Nasonti Follow @LexiRae2013 10/10 for the Lyft driver who overheard me talking about my love for doggos so then slowed down and pointed out every good dog on the way home.
  • 30
    Text - da Follow @dannicairene convo overheard in the ER nurse: religious preference? guy: I wanna be God
  • 31
    Text - Josh Bailey Follow @ghostforestjosh Overheard at Target: "You're going to like it, then you're going to love it, then it's going to be disgusting."
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  • 32
    Text - Nat My President Follow @NatPurser "Look, can you fathom finger will be in a BUTTHOLE tomorrow? Do you get it?" Overheard at a Chipotle
  • 33
    Text - overheard at brmhs Follow @overheardbrmhs "what are oompa loompas?" "i think they're a kind of llama" "then how do they get married?"
  • 34
    Text - Sir Wilson Heath Follow @SirWilsonHeath An overheard conversation between my grandparents: (Watching TV) Grandma: Well he's a Democrat. Grandpa: What's the difference between a Democrat and a Republican? Grandma: Ugh.
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  • 35
    Text - overheard at brmhs Follow @overheardbrmhs "if she breathes, she a thot." "i have asthma." "you're a part-time thot, then"


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