Wendy's Curb Stomped McDonald's On Twitter (Again)

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    This guy kickstarted the savagery...

    Text - Cody Brown Follow @Cbizzle97 Hey @McDonalds, bet this works better than your ice cream machine. What do you think @Wendys?
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    Toy - MFisher-Price M COLD DRINKS MILK SHAKES McDonalds SOFT SERVE McDonald's Realistic poaring action VFill the cones with pretend solt serve Make realistic swndaes Nobatheries sored Make Pretend Treats! Realistic Pouring Action! McDonald's Soda Fountain
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    Text - Wendy's Follow @Wendys Probably tastes better too.
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    Then things took an unexpected turn....

    Sports gear - Blake Bortles Facts @BortlesFacts Follow Replying to@Wendys Blake Bortles has never been picked off by Ronald McDonald. JAGS
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    Text - Wendy's Follow @Wendys Replying to @BortlesFacts This is an important fact.
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    Text - Blake Bortles Facts Follow @BortlesFacts Replying to @Wendys How many touchdown passes next season for free nuggets?
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    Text - Wendy's Follow @Wendys Replying to@BortlesFacts Double the current record. If anyone can do it, it's definitely Bortles.
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    Text - Blake Bortles Facts Follow @BortlesFacts Replying to @Wendys That's it? Blake Bortles currently has 103 touchdown passes to a combined 10 NFL teams. Ronald McDonald has zero.
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    Alrighty then.

    Yellow - Wendy's Follow @Wendys Replying to @Bortles Facts


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