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The Funny Doodled Adventures Of Patty The Giraffe

  • 1

    A lonely hotel room, a tasteless wall decoration and Giraffe is suddenly aware of her ticking biological clock.

    Giraffe - life with Patty
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  • 2

    In a blur, a voracious Pig disappears across the top of the baking aisle while Giraffe is left to ponder that her offer of a leg-up had been a mistake.

    Supermarket - 4444 Life with Patty
  • 3

    And so it is.

    Luxury vehicle - Life with Patty LOW CLESANCE 7-0
  • 4

    Giraffe wonders if the Pottery Place is selling pot, which would account for the dress code.

    Blue - DecopatOH PORSOneused BI0TS GI0TS & 08ROS eddlne 9191s S1onin8 PL8Tes BIRTHdau PaRTIOs OHRISrenine 819t HOUSe PLaaues. www.thepotteryplac.e.co THe POTteRy Place www.thepettervplace.co.ukTelo1g93 7234 BI life with Patty
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  • 5

    Cow and Giraffe weren’t entirely sure what the sign meant.

    Street art - Iife with Patty KEEP OFF THE TRACK
  • 6

    With his greedy eye on a ginormous ice cream, cunning Pig convinces gullible Giraffe that piggy-back means having a piggy on your back

    Public space - life with Patty
  • 7

    With so many short animals on offer, Giraffe feels the sting of heightism!

    Giraffe - Discover Cats Discover Reptiles Discover Dogs Discover Birds Discover Small Furries Discover Fish life with Patty
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  • 8

    In San Diego airport Giraffe approaches Ron, in quiet prayer that he is on her flight.

    Retail - life with Patty Waruick's OF LAJOLLA
  • 9

    Whilst Giraffe is glad they are catered for, she wonders how the people with no heads or legs get to the shops to buy their tops.

    Design - life with Patty
  • 10

    Right height, thinks Giraffe, but not much leg room. In fact, room for only one leg.

    Wood - life withPatty
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  • 11

    Finicky Giraffe ignores insistent Kris’s cream-less strawberry.

    Sky - life with Patty
  • 12

    Giraffe is eager to ‘GO WILD’, but delayed because she just can’t remember where she parked the car.

    Public space - EGO LDAT Noahs Ark Zoo Farm to r as 28101275 8520e www.nsahsarkreelarm.co.u einer life with Patty
  • 13

    While Bird looks on, Patty commences her own space program by harnessing the power of Giraffe and a rusty inversion table.

    Backyard - life with Patty


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