Hilarious "Unethical" Parenting Hacks That Actually Work are Now Being Shared on TikTok


Parenting is not easy. Everyone reads the books, takes the classes, listens to all the advice of the veteran moms and grandmas, but damn—it is just not easy. No matter what. No one can tell you how your child is going to be. So it's up to you to figure out what works and what doesn't. Sometimes that means changing up the parenting “rules” just a tad. Don't traumatize your kid, but sometimes after trying your hardest to do it the “correct” way, you gotta get creative. 


TikToker Chelsea Z aka @disaster_energy called on the parents of TikTok to share some of their more questionable parenting methods—and the results are hilarious. She shared her technique on how to get her kids to get their fruits when they are refusing. Maybe the parenting books don't suggest showing your kids a gross medical condition that happens when you're vitamin D deficient, but desperate times called for desperate measures. And you know what? It worked. In fact, all the “unethical” parenting practices these TikTokers shared seemed to work. 


Have Your Kid Look Up the Definition of ‘Scurvy’ If They Refuse to Eat Fruit (Original video) 

It is a vitamin deficiency, so it's related. Plus, you give them a quick little medical lesson. Win win. 


Helping Toddlers Afraid of Storms

Tell your kid that thunder is the clouds farting, rain is the clouds peeing, and lighting are the clouds switching the lights on and off to have a rave. According to this guy, your kids will be too busy laughing at the sky to be afraid anymore.


Stopping Your Kids from Running Into the Middle of the Road

Say hello to the asphalt monster that grabs kids who wander onto the streets without holding an adult's hand. 


Kid Won't Go to Sleep?

Negotiate with them that they can have 10 more minutes of awake time only if they sleep for 10 minutes first. Seems like it works like a charm. 


How to Stop Your Kid from Going Bananas Every Time They Hear the Ice Cream Truck

“Tell them the ice cream truck only plays music to let you know they're out of ice cream.” *maniacal laughter*


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