Pokémon Horoscopes

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Vulpix - You are very energetic, courageous and quick witted! You love attention. However, you might find yourself being impulsive and impatient, and possibly be a little bit selfish.

Growlithe - You are patient, reliable, loyal and very determined to achieve your goals. Be careful of becoming possessive, self-indulgent or greedy, though.

Eevee - You're very adaptive of any environment you happen to find yourself in. You're also very intellectual and witty. However, a cunning person like you might find themselves being nervous, tense and afraid of imperfection.

Mew - You're a sympathetic person, so you may find that other people's joys and sorrows become your own. You're also cautious, and can be very protective of those close to you. You may have a habit of being overemotional or moody, and you probably find it hard to let go of things you love.

Wigglytuff - You're probably the most generous and warmhearted person you know. Your enthusiasm causes people to like being around you. You're faithful, and very loving. However, you might find yourself becoming bossy and patronizing without noticing.

Dragonair - You are a pretty modest person, right? And shy, as well. You're a very good listener, and very diligent, too! You're incredibly intelligent and analytical. On the downside, you might find yourself worrying about many things, including not being perfect. You also may come across as harsh sometimes, intentional or not.

Persian - You have a lot of charm. You're a very easy going person, and you're very sociable. You might even be called a flirt! You're also quite changeable, or easily influenced, so be careful who you hang out with. Try your best to make your own decisions.

Pikachu - When you know what you want, you're determined to get it and can be v

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