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Welcome to Cheezburger's New Design

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    More focus on each of the main sites

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    We wanted to give each of our sites their own personality. You'll notice that each site has their own unique color combination and feel, so you'll know if you are on ICHC or Memebase at a quick glance.
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    Community, Community, Community!

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    We've added a Community section, so you can see all the submissions that the Cheezburger community is uploading. All posts are organized by site, so if you are on the ICHC Community page, you'll see animal submissions. Vote up your favorite posts and see the Most Upvoted and Newest submissions that are coming in. Now you'll be even less productive at work!
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    The Site is Now Optimized for Your Mobile Phone

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    We've streamlined our mobile websites, so you'll notice faster performance and a cleaner mobile friendly design.
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    Editor’s Picks

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    See the hottest posts that our Editors have picked as not to be missed! It's now easy to be in the know of what the funniest and coolest stuff is out there on the Interwebz.
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    Repost and Recaption

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    Want to add your funny to a photo? Click "Recaption" at the bottom of that photo and you'll be taken to our builder. To post something to one of your Cheezburger sites, click "Repost" (previously it was the "Post to my Site" button).
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    Want to see related content? We’ve got you covered with our recommendations

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    Can't get enough of cute animal gifs? We'll take care of that obsession. At the bottom of each post, we'll recommend related content from the Cheezburger Network based off of the tags in the post, so you can spend all day (and now all week) laughing. Who needs to have a job anyways, right? Your job is to laugh - get to it.
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    Easy to Use Submit Page

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    We've made submitting and creating content easy in our one stop Submit page, so now you have no excuse to not make a meme or upload your content. C'mon, everyone else is doing it.
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    See the Most Popular Posts with our Trending Bar, Content Tags and Hot Today

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    Check out the latest content with our Trending Bar on the top navigation, Tags and Hot Today list in the right sidebar.

    We'd love to hear your thoughts on our new look and features. Feel free to email us at contactus@cheezburger.com with your feedback. Thanks!

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