The Official Grand Theft Auto Online Gameplay Trailer

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This is looking freaking amazing. Content creation!

Say you're hanging out in your high-rise apartment enjoying the view down below. You spot a flurry of red and blue lights in the distance and decide to see what's going on. So you switch on your TV, tune into the news, and suddenly you're watching your friend fleeing from the police in real-time thanks to the news helicopter flying directly above him. Beyond little touches like this, you can use your apartment for more practical uses, as well--like getting your friends together to go over the details of a heist in your planning room or keeping a watchful eye on your 10-car garage using a closed-circuit security camera feed. Hell, you can even take a shower to wash off the blood after a particularly brutal mission. It's borderline ridiculous just how much Rockstar has done with these player-owned properties.

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