10 Facebook Puns Guaranteed To Make You Chuckle

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    Fifty Shades of Puns

    thread of facebook comments
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    I'll Take a Snoop Corndog to Go!

    Text - 1 hr Columbus, OH I'm gonna drop out of school and run a food truck where all the food is named after rappers. Wu-Tang Clams. Philly CheeseDrakes. Lil Kimchi Notorious BLT. A Tribe Called Queso. Kanye Asada. Waka Flocka Flambé. Method Manicotti. Bone Thugs-n-Hamburger. NiQuinoa Minaj. Unlike Comment Share You, N and 21 others like this. Ghostface Kielbasa 1 hr Like 2 |Grandmaster Hash browns 1 hr Like 2 J. Coleslaw 1 hr Like 4 |I would invest in that so fast! 1 hr Like 1 T-Pain au chocola
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    Are You Bready For This?

    Text - 2 hrs I'm not sure I'm bready for this... Sylvester Stallone is the new face of... bread Sly's landed a new *roll* METRO.CO.UK Like Comment Share Hovis doesn't stand a chance, they're gonna be toast! 1 hr Unlike 2 I bet he'll be taking a thick slice of the profits though 1 hr Unlike 2 to keep sly on board they probably have to keep him well buttered 1 hr Unlike 2 I'd imagine his agent demanded a lot of dough up front 1 hr Unlike 2 5 million at yeast 1 hr Unlike 2 who really kneads that mu
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    Lisa Needs Legislation... DENTAL PLAN

    Text - 42 mins If Homer Simpson were a democratic congressman from Springfield Ohio, he'd be Homer Simpson (D-OH).. Unlike Comment Share You and like this. That's... actually pretty awesome. Just now Like Write a comment...
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    Christmas Comes Russian In

    Text - commented on this. k 19 hrs The Russian is having REALLY loud Christmas sex. I think the lady Russian is crying Like Comment Share and 4 others like this. Please can you explain the difference between sex and Christmas sex please. 19 hrs Like k Bells. Obviously 19 hrs Like 1 El Haha. No commentl 19 hrs Like Well, you only get what you Putin. 8 hrs Like10 IS MY HERO 3 hrs Like taught us all well (he was our school teacher) E k Amenl 39 mins Like 1 Holy 35 mins Like Write a comment...
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    Can We Get a Short, Thin Rimshot Please?

    Text - Mon at 20:07 Edited I went to the library today,l asked"have you got the new book about tiny penis's" she said,I don't think its in yet said "yes, that's the one" 18 likes 1 comment Like Comment Share
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    Don't String Us Along With This One

    Gun - Western Australia Police Friday at 14:30 WA Police have recently come into possession of a Violin and are unable to find its owner If you recognise the violin as yours or know who may be missing one, please contact 1/C Constable Tony Coates on 9422 7559 Like Comment Share 147 people like this. D E I'l pull some strings and see what I can do Friday at 14:32 Unlike 70 Reply 1 Reply J K you guys seize this after it was used in a violin't crime? Friday at 15:09 Like 48 Reply D B looks like a t
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    There Are Two Kinds of Bikers...

    Text - o AT&T LTE 11:23 AM 85% QSearch July 21 near Chicago, IL Long distance cyclists: how do you keep up riding regularly while simultaneously not destroying your joints? Share Like Comment 7 people like this The bike needs to fit you right. Very important! July 21 Like Instead of rolling joints which will get crushed in your pockets, smoke through a pipe, which is more resilient to being battered around July 21 Like 15 Post Write a comment... Requests Messages Notifications More News Feed
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    The New Drinking and Sleeping Craze That's Sweeping the Nation

    Text - I've had more than my fair share of shots of bedding over the past few days #randomdomesticuniverse Like Comment Share likes this Rarcode Shots of bedding? Is this a new drinking craze I dont know about Unlike 3 28 August at 19:17 Linenqueur Unlike 2 28 August at 19:18 Mosheeto 28 August at 20:46 Unlike 3 Duvetri 28 August at 20:55 Like White cushion! 28 August at 22:39 Like 1 Pillow colada 28 August at 22:40 Like 1 joquilto 29 August at 09:30 Like 2 This is amazing Vodka and Bed bull 29
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    Will The Real Christian Bale Please Stand Up?

    christian bale facebook comments


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