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Just a Few Signs That Your Life Is At A Standstill

  • 1

    Does it feel like nothing ever goes right for you anymore?

    You try and you try and you try, but nothing seems to go your way.
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  • 2

    You worry this could be your epitaph

    Cheezburger Image 7854617856
    "Here lies Bob. He was nice, I guess."
  • 3

    You dread a day will come when you just give up

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    You give up and buy a hat like your mother's because you're turning into her already anyway.
  • 4

    You feel like the kid in the yellow shorts

    And life feels like the kid in the America shirt that just broke your pelvis in twelve places.
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  • 5

    Something just feels like it's missing in your life

    camouflage yourself while you're eating
  • 6

    But don't worry - you'll break through this!

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  • 7

    You're sure to be making new friends soon...

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  • 8

    ...and then when you have nothing left to lose, you will be free!

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