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7 Dogs That Are Hard At Work

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    This Hero Service Dog Saved His Owner's Life

    cute dogs news Hero Service Dog Saves Owner's Life

    This sweet service dog in Brewster, NY jumped in the way of a bus to prevent his owner from getting hit.  Unfortunately both were hit but this dog, named Figo, may have saved his owner's life by getting in the way of the bus. According to USA Today, the vet and local police say they are both okay thanks to this brave companion.

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    Watch Out, Professional Dog Walker in the Making

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    Sampson the Rottweiler Is Always Available for Support When His Owner Needs Him

    The woman in this video has Asperger's syndrome, a type of high-functioning autism spectrum disorder. Her name is Danielle Jacobs and she's chosen to publicly post this video of her having what she calls a "meltdown" in order to promote understanding for this condition.

    She explained her decision to Buzzfeed News saying this:

     "What I'd like the public to know is that child or adult in a store screaming or kicking and crying may not [be] having a tantrum because he's not getting his or her way – it may be because the lights are hurting him because it's too bright, the smells in the store [are] too strong, and it's too loud for his ears, and the only way to express himself is through a meltdown."

    According to the description in her video, Jacobs trained her dog Sampson as a service dog to respond to situations like this one. Now this obedient Rottweiler will intervene and provide comfort when she needs it most. 

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    I Hope This Talented PhoDOGrapher Is Available for Weddings

    Watch how Grizzler became a canine photographer with Nikon's help.

    With a device developed to turn emotions into photographs, see how they managed to capture how one dog perceives the world by using his heart rate as a trigger for the camera.

    The video, filmed by our camera crew, features Grizzler the Border Collie wearing a Nikon camera attached to a harness. Each time Grizzler gets excited or happy, his heart rate increases and in turn triggers a mechanism to depress the camera's shutter and take a picture allowing us to see the world from Grizzler's perspective.

    Due to Grizzler's active running and jumping on his adventure, many shots were blurred - reflective of Grizzler's energy! We chose the best ones to feature in this video.

    To ensure Grizzler's safety and comfort, the crew constantly followed him to provide ample hydration, food and other necessities, and as such, some photos you see may have included members of the crew in the background.

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    German Shepherd Practicing for His Night Shift at the Piano Bar

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    Call On These Saint Bernard Puppies To Rescue Your Phone Battery

    small saint bernard dog

    You might not be quite as overcome with a crippling sense of FOMO the next time your phone is dying if you knew that this little dude was on his way to the rescue. At this year's SXSW conference, many companies are vying for the most innovative ways to solve the ever present battery issues of festival-goers.

    The winner is clearly Mophie's service which allows you to tweet a picture of your dying battery to them and promptly receive a mini charging station located in the barrel of one of these adorable Saint Bernard puppies.

    Turn off battery saving mode, stream House of Cards Marathon, send me a puppy.

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    Dogs Are Like a 24-Hour Cleaning Service

    Water - SENORGIF COM wwww
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    Don't Forget to Submit Your Own Working Dogs on June 26!

    cute dogs image Don't Forget to Submit Your Own Working Dogs on June 26!

    We're looking for submissions to celebrate Take Your Dog to Work Day! Make sure to share your dogs at the office or in the work place. 


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