17 Unfaithful Cheaters Reveal How Their Confessions Went

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    Text - When I told him Icheated on him he apologized to me He said it was because he clearly dicht make me happy and that he was doing something wrong.
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    Photograph - 2 Iconfessed Cocheatingon my wifeand she stildoesnt want advorce. Ikind of feel likeIm goingto get murdered soon
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    Text - 3 I destroyed my life by having an affair and coming clean.I lost my house, partner, career. Everything
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    Text - My husband told me hes down with an open marriage when confessed to cheating Ifeel hypoeritical, but disagree with it.
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    Dish - Jadmitted tocheating twice to myhusband and hecried and Forgave me He basically WOrships the ground walk on
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    Text - leanfessed to cheating M husband said he cant believe that lwaited so long tofind someone to satisfy my needs. Wenow have an open marriage.Thonestlylove him 4
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    Text - 13 Icheated onmyex gic Friend and lconfessed to her She left me and lunderstand But now ImsobrokenandIdeserveto be alone for the rest of my life She was my everything
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    Purple - 10 roke upwithm boyfrien in the summer because ladmitEed to cheating on him since were long distance, Last night he textedme and Igot butterflies. Weregiving us anotherchance
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    Text - Icheated on my gir Friend when we were on a breakIfelt so bad that slipped up and decided to tellher. Beforelcould do that she came clean and told me she cheated on me.Inever felt so relieved
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    Text - t's been 2 weeks since l confessed to cheating on my husband He forgave me,but we agreed Chat Iwould find hima random woman to have his fun with for a one time Ching
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    Text - Never seen my husband so excited as when ltold him cheated on him Definitely wasnt the response was expecting.who am leven married Co?
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    Text - My Fiance Forgave me tinstant when ltold Him Icheated on him. Ifeel ike absolute crapabout it everyday, but Im glad he loved me enough to stay with me.
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    Dish - 7 Iconfessed tocheatingand he toldeveryone.Iwoke uptomy social media spammed with hate notes
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    Text - Vadmitbed tocheatingonmy boufriend months ago) and he keeps asking Inow with who, t would illhimif he actual knew
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    Photo caption - Meexleft me becausel came clean about cheating Now she's cheating on her newboufriend with me WTF?
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    Font - Today,Icame clean tomy boufriend about cheating on him, and all he said was 0K.Hes been avoiding the Copic ever since. WRISTS AR
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    Text - Icame clean tonight and told my boyfriend about my cheating We decided to wipe the slate clean


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