People Slam Woman For Saying Men Shouldn't Order Fruity Drinks


Twitter can be such a garbage dump of terrible takes. It seems like every day someone spews out some kind of sick or offensive sentiment, and the rest of the site can't help but try to put them in their place. Many of these happen to be toxic takes on masculinity or femininity, and while they may seem repetitive to people who spend their entire lives on the site (Hi), it's always good to see the people responsible get put into place. This week's villain is Twitter user @_takeeiteasy, who decided to taunt men in one of the most annoying ways possible: by questioning any of them who order fruity or mixed drinks. 

This kind of garbage “question” makes us feel like we, as a society, are still completely failing at managing the whole gender roles thing. Men should be able to order a frozen, sweet, and fruity drink (with all the bells and whistles) if they want to. Women should be able to drink a neat bourbon should that be their tipple of choice. People like @_takeeiteasy seem like they're just out to perpetuate antiquated stereotypes. And judging by the replies to her tweet, Twitter users aren't happy about it. 

This response is why we even bother to spend time on threads like this.

Many users ridiculed the act of tweeting stuff like this - and some straight up called out OP for her blatant attention-seeking ways.

Then, of course, there were the jokes: 

Some guys felt the need to explain their preferences for drinks of the fruity variety - even though, in our opinion, they shouldn't be entertaining such backwards bait. 

At the end of the day, we think @westcoastwashed says it best: Deal with it.





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