Teh LOLcats Are Coming! Exciting Cheezburger News!

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Ohai, Cheezfrends!

We've got some exciting news for you! We are making changes to I Can Has Cheezburger. Next week, our family of animal sites will grow, and ICanHasCheezburger.com will become a hub for all of the greatest animal content on teh interwebz!

I Can Has Cheezburger, the site you know and love, will remain basically the same as it is now. It will feature the best content from all of the other animal sites (including LOLz, gifs, videos, and memes) as well as other funny animal content. It will function like Memebase and FAIL Blog, except it will have MOAR KITTEHS AND CYOOT AMINALZ!

But if you only like cyoot-n-funneh pictures of kittehs with cyoot-n-funneh capshunz, a new site called LOLcats, which will feature ONLY kitteh LOLz, will be your new home away from home. It will feature no gifs, videos, comics or other "non-LOLz."

The new I Can Has Cheezburger family of sites looks like this:

-- LOLcats (This site will launch next week. It will feature only captioned pictures of cats.) -- I Has a Hotdog -- Animal Gifs -- Animal Capshunz (This site features captions of all animals that are not cats or dogs.) -- Animal Videos -- Daily Squee -- Meme Animals -- I Can Has Cheezburger (This will function as a hub page for all of the best animal content. It will publish the best posts from the other animal sites in addition to new, exciting animal content.)

We will post another announcement on Thursday, February 23 when LOLcats goes live. We look forward to bringing you more quality LOLz per day than ever before!

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