11 Frustratingly Choosy Beggars

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    facebook status about choosing beggar Looking for a part-time job .. I need to make $500 a week. I can only work Thursday & every other weekend. Unless it's nice outside. Then I will need off with pay. TIA. Any leads are helpful
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    Text - I'm a huge fan! Good work! Would love it if you heart and pin my comment! Edit: I said to also pin it idiot 1 day ago (edited) 1 GOsZER
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    post on twitter On the verge of tears I need a job so bad 9 all targets hiring for seasonal right are now!! I just hate applying to places online Tweet your reply Σ
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    facebook status about choosing beggar Last time. I'm still looking for a sitter for For 2 weeks a month, I need someone from 715-530. The other 2 weeks, it would be noon-530. This would be M-F except on Thursday's. For the most part, would be home, but would like for her to participate in some activity once or twice a week-go swimming, to a movie, summer snow, etc. The pay is $100 for full weeks/$60 for part weeks. Any teenagers looking for a summer job?? Like Comment Share
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    Text I am looking for a PR team and someone that will help me develop my Youtube Chanel. This includes filming at my apartment three days a week (or one day on the weekend and putting up with my outfit changes etc.) someone that can hang out at the apartment and help with the kids and others to be my street team while I brand. If anyone is interested please message me!
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    Text and picture of man in front of christmas tree All I really want is a woman who's Beautiful Tasteful Cultured Intellectual Curious Motivated Optimistic Open minded Confident yet humble Strong yet sensitive Witty Artistic Insightful Emotionally secure Honest Articulate Courageous Competent Conscientious Independent Liberal but not a fucking marxist Even tempered Responsible yards College 5 miles away Grateful Thoughtful And down for pineapple on pizza All I really want is
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    picture old man in suit Sky News UK news A televangelist has called on his followers to buy him a $54m private jet because "If Jesus was on Earth today he wouldn't be riding a donkey" Weekswipe up for the full video esse WATCH
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    text Details Write a 1,000,000 word essay on skin care products and DIY solutions. Article & Blog Writing Posted 19 hours ago I am looking for someone to write a one million word essay on skin care products and DIY solutions. This person should be well versed in skin care and beauty products in general, and would optimally have notable experience with writing about these subjects. Samples of beauty articles/essays will need to be submitted $22 $$ Intermediate Level Fixed Price I am looking
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    Text Looking for free car FREE Looking for a free car i really need transportation l'm 300 pounds and homeless and don't like to walk I don't want a junky car looking for something nice hoping someone in the group can help me out I'm sure someone here can afford it. TIA e 2 7 Comments Like Comment
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    facebook messages about buying golf balls GOLF BALLS Brand New $20 Mark As Sold See Details I'm interested in this item. Do you have 300 golf balls Probably close to it. What type are you looking for No particular type just about 300 golf balls used for about 40 bucks 50 bucks I'm just talkin about some used golf balls not know brand new ones or nothing I just wanted to buy bulk a whole bunch of golf balls Used balls are $6 dozen Yeah but see that way I don't get a deal on 300 golf
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    facebook status about wanting car WANTED PLEASE CAR Small reliable hatchback Must have long (prefer) 12month MOT Max I have is £220 cash. Can be manual or automatic. (Auto better for torn rotator cuff) Any colour but not red (red cars come to die with me) Must be good runner due to no work and health issues help as close to If you can as possible can collect this weekend. Many thanks Like Comment Be the first to like this. Not to much to ask then Like Reply Just now


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