I Can Has Cheezburger?

Viral Post About a Dog Trying To Drown His Owner Turns Into Hilarious Memes

  • It all started with this post...

    Open water swimming - Holly M @Holly Monson Follow Well it was a nice lake day until my dog nearly drowned my sister 2:30 PM 8 Jun 2018 114,383 Retweets 422,910 Likes
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  • Here are some close up photos of the event

  • Mammal
  • Canidae
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  • Canidae
  • The internet was worries as well as amused by the events:

    Text - Tiffini @LimaTango Delta 16h Replying to@Holly_Monson Omergerd, is the dog ok??? t 28 1 1,324 Holly M @Holly_Monson 16h Oh yeah he's perfectly fine t 3 2 307 a yourlife B@LetYourLifeBe 39m friction to stop good! You had the whole internet worried for a bit there a counter- e machine 92
  • Text - l 87% 10:43 AM HG Tweet Replying to @Holly_Monson "Don't you dare" mao look at his eyes. No remorse, cold, calculated attempted murder 10:27 AM 10 Jun 18 2 Likes Tweet your reply
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  • Text - Tutankhamun @95ericka.. 8h v The doggo knew what he was doing, guilty af t1 14 588 alejandro @lanjoe9 4h "I'll have you know that I take no pleasure in this job." 1 t 2 394
  • Fun - responsibilities goals relationships me sOcial life
  • Water - my mental health drugs bad habits me
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  • Cartoon - @Saucey Tacos. Replying to @Holly_Monson All I see is t 22 2 490 Cafi Floyd @TheFloydian... 4h Life imitates art 43
  • Mammal - hey..
  • Canidae - Shawn W.@ShawnThaG... 11h Replying to@Holly_Monson and @emhargrove_ *freeze frame* Yeah that's me, you're probably wondering howi got here... t 119 1,672
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  • Recreation - stress student depressiondebt life bills my love life me fake friends
  • Recreation - what did the one paw say to the face?
  • Canidae - SLAP!!!!
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  • Mammal - l 87%10:42 AM LIG Tweet call me a good boy or i Swear to god linda i'll do it Tweet your reply


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