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Cats Love To Give Kisses Too (10 Gifs)

  • 1

    They learn from an early age

    kittens kissing each other
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  • 2

    and know just how much humans like it, so they try it on their cat partners first...

    cat licking and snuggling another cat
  • 3

    And then comes the humans!

    kitten kissing a sleeping human
  • 4

    and then dogs.

    cat kissing a dog
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  • 5

    Sometimes they only kiss each other, and that makes us a little bit jealous

    cats kissing each other
  • 6

    Sometimes to are shy, and ask kindly for a little peck

    cat kissing a woman
  • 7

    Sometimes they are down right obvious about wanting a little kiss

    cat in kissing booth
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  • 8

    They can shock us when they actually do it!

    cat kissing a woman
  • 9

    They do it small and quick at first. To make sure we know they are still in charge.

    cat kissing a man
  • 10

    Close up cuteness!

    cat kissing the camera


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