14 Things That Scream 'I'm Very Stupid' To Absolutely Everyone

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    Text - A_P_43 . 5h Arguing with someone who has worked years to get their degree in that field. While you've watched a few YouTube videos or read something online
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    Text - VivaZeBull 6h I work with the general public so feel sorry for me please. Seriously though, a few things make me assume lower intelligence maybe not so much uneducated: - Having unfixed pets and refusing to get them fixed because of the cost but allow the animals to repeatedly get impreg- nated and then have to feed 10x more animals. - Assuming that because someone has a child of mixed race it allows that person to say/do racist things. - Asking a question and talking over the person givi
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    Text - Evil_Rosemary 5h Believing that correlation implies causation.
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    Text - Not_so_angry_Chinese 7h You think that climate change is a hoax made up by the Chinese.
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    Text - Milchgauss 5h When they believe in psychics, astrology, and "healing rituals" as reliable medicine.
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    Text - HauteGarbage6h When you justify your dropping out by saying Bill Gates dropped out. of Harvard
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    Text - Portarossa 6h 'Why should my taxes pay for education when I don't have any kids in school?' Because otherwise you'll live in a world full of people just as ignorant and uninformed about the world as you are, and every single one of them has the right to vote. Education is important for a whole bunch of reasons, but especially if you want an informed electorate and not people who'll vote based on what they see written ina scary font on a billboard.
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    Text - ihategivingusernames . 6h Thinking that the earth is flat.
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    Font - Reddit_Bork7h Truck nuts.
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    Text - Vyttmin 3h When they promote Pyramid Scheme stuff on social media Reply 6.4k Beans9408 1h "It's not a pyramid scheme. It's multi-level marketing."
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    Text - Misgunception 6h Insulting educated people as if the education itself were a hinderance.
  • 12
    Text - KetogenicKraig 5h Posting drama on social media. When you have 400+ friends and you are posting drama that is only relevant to 1 or 2 people that's when you know you have zero self awareness.
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    Text - SlothReactionTime 6h Talking about how vaccines are horrible on facebook.
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    Text - ChubbyyBunnyy 3h Using volume instead of logic to get you to listen to them.


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