Creep Facebook Rants About Dream Girl Freaking Out When He Showed Up At Her Work

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    Roof - Wendy's
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    Text - I often eat alone at a Wendy's that's just down the street from my house. A little less than a week ago, I noticed that they hired a new employee. She's a fair skinned woman who, for the sake of not violating a pending order of protection, we'll say is named Michelle. I was fond of her from the moment I first saw her. I immediately went home and scoured the internet to find out more information about her. I figured this way I'd be able to learn her interests and engage her in conversation
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    Text - I remember initially thinking to myself that it's a shame how name tags don't include last names. All I had to go on was her first name and location, yet thanks to Facebook's ability to search by city and state, I was able to find her after just a few hours. Once I did I realized I hit a goldmine; her phone number was visible to everyone, not just Facebook friends. Most women are scared to give out their number to a stranger because they don't think they're trustworthy, but if someone ask
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    Text - After obtaining her phone number I figured I'd try to do something romantic that would build up to me asking her out. I decided to use an app that would let me text her without revealing my actual number. The app allowedme to change my number at will
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    Text - essentially making it unblockable, which I thought was a good idea since she might think it's just one of her friends messing with her and block it right away. This would grant me the ability to remain a complete enigma to her. "Once a day," I told myself. "Only text her once a day so it isn't creepy." Sadly, I was far too excited at the prospect of having my first girlfriend to stick to that. |
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    Text - My first text to her was simply, "I saw that picture of your graduation you posted. You're beautiful." Later that day while I was sitting in the Wendy's parking lot l sent her another text that said, "I can see you right now. One day you'll see me, too." Before I knew it I had texted her over three hundred times in just a few days. She never once responded to any of them. Still, not all messages contained text, some were just pictures of her that I took while she was at work to let her kn
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    Text - Some of you may have noticed that I wasn't online at all yesterday. There is good reason for that. Yesterday was the day that I met her in person and tried to ask her out. It didn't go as planned. I walked up to Michelle while she was at the counter and told her that I'm her admirer. Her cheerful expression changed as she suddenly started shouting, "This is the guy! Marco, this is the guy!" Marco is her manager. He jumped from behind the counter and grabbed me while instructing her to cal
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    Text - until police arrived The police said that the detainment was lawful, which meant that I was to be charged with battery for biting the manager in addition to stalking. This amounts to almost $500 in fines. Thankfully, father told me he'd take care of it since I'm currently unemployed. The police also told me that she's filing for an order of protection, so I can't return to that specific Wendy's Father told me to keep my chin up and to remember that some women just aren't worth it. He said


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