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What You Should Do If You See a Dog in a Parked Car

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    Follow These Three Steps To Rescue A Dog:

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    1. Take notes - Once you notice a dog has been left in a hot car, start taking notes right away,Copy the make, model, and license plate number of the car, along with what time you first noticed the dog inside.

    2. Take precaution - Before you do anything hasty, head into the nearest business and ask them to make an announcement for the car's owner. Nine times out of 10, a regretful owner will rush out of the store to help their pet. But you need to act quickly on the off chance that no one answers the message.

    3. Take action- If the owner does not arrive, you should call for help.

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    There are several options for who to call depending on the situation:

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    Call the local non-emergency police number to request advice.
    Call AAA or another car service to open the vehicle.
    Call the local animal control bureau or the local SPCA branch.
    It may be tempting to break open a car window, but you could land in serious trouble for doing this in some states.

    Local authorities and animal rescuers will be able to advise you about what you can or can't do in your case, so you can make an informed decision

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    Know The Signs Of Canine Heatstroke

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    To tell how quickly you need to act, you should learn the signs that a dog is in serious trouble. Like humans, dogs will pass out from exhaustion when their bodies overheat, but they react to the temperature in different ways. Look out for: Restlessness, heavy panting with a dark tongue, a rapid heartbeat, vomiting, uncoordinated behavior or stumbling, lack of awareness (doesn't respond to your voice or gestures). If you rescue an overheated animal from a car, get them into the shade or air conditioning quickly, and give them cool water to drink.


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