The Next Blade Movie Could Focus On His Daughter

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    Introducing Blade's Daughter: Fallon Grey

    In a new book originally set for release this October, the Blade we all know, Eric Brooks, discovers he has a daughter in Oregon. The writer Tim Seeley says:

    "Blade's daughter is 16-year-old Fallon Grey. She's a sort of 'anti-Peter Parker.' She's popular, she's well-liked and it seems like the world is her oyster. But, the expectations that come with being so damn perfect are starting to break her down, and that's before she learns she's the heir to a Daywalking-Monster-Stabbing-Empire."
    What gets even more interesting is that Bleeding Cool is reporting that the heads at Marvel might be delaying both the book and more Blade movies in order to make this story the focus of the Blade film saga going forward.

    Here's a closer look at the two.
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    Fallon Grey Comic Design

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    Blade Comic Design

    The book sounds interesting, sort of like a small town version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but with less tongue-in-cheek campiness and a new level of diversity.

    "I love that we're taking Blade completely out of his former genre and world... He's not in an urban landscape, taking on tribes of vampires. He's in a small town, facing way weirder stuff than vampires, and he's going to have to attend prom. Blade's complete focus to one mission and total inflexibility make for some good drama when you drop him into new situations. Also, occasional hilariousness." - Seeley
    The thought of making Fallon the focus the Blade film franchise in an interesting one as well. It takes a step to helping Marvel Studios with their diversity problems, while allowing them to cash in on early 2000's nostalgia. Really only one big question remains.
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    Can They Bring Back Wesley Snipes?

    The answer here is yes. Wesley Snipes was the king of superhero movies back when the Blade franchise was at its peak. Now after serving his time for tax evasion the actor appears eager to get back to work. A year ago he told MTV,

    "I'd be open to it. You know I think we got some stones left unturned and there's some latitude for us to build on. I'd love to get back in the suit and do some things that I've learned how to do now that I didn't know how to do then. I think we're better at making that kind of a film now. You know, some of the things that we did in the early parts of the franchise were experimental and now they've become customary in a lot of The Avengers films and other comic book adaptations."
    Keep in mind, this is all still just a rumor, and Marvel already has a pretty packed line-up between now and 2019, but they could always add a movie or two. Frankly this idea, and Ant-Man 2, are the best bets. What do you think?


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