The Reviews Are In: ‘Morbius’ Is Really Bad and Everyone Is Roasting It


We like superhero (or villain) movies as much as the next person, but Morbius is one that somehow went under our radar. The film revolves around a biochemist who manages to infect himself with vampirism after experimenting with, uh, some bats. This “Living Vampire” is played by none other than Jared Leto, who looks like he's about to revive his awful band, Thirty Seconds to Mars. 

While we had no idea this film was even in production, it's been increasingly hard to avoid mentions of it on Twitter. Why? Because apparently, it really really sucks. And people can't stop roasting it. It's no longer much of a surprise that the film debuted at 19% on Rotten Tomatoes. Now it's just a matter of whether or not it can maintain that score. But we're not here to speculate. We're here to talk about the roasts. 

Some of the roasts come in the form of sneakily snarky reviews and memes.


Others are, well, just a little more blunt: 

Here's to the roasts, the memes, and the scathing reviews. Thanks for saving me $16. 




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