Sweet Relief for Your Facebook News Feed

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You're getting older, and so are your Facebook friends. As you grow into your 20s (even earlier, for some people), the apple-cheeked progeny of people you barely know will start pouring into your news feed like an organic-mattered tidal wave. There's no stopping it. It's nature. It's life.

Luckily, you CAN hide it. A brilliant new browser extension for Chrome, Unbaby, will comb your news feed for keywords like "year old" and "cute" and take offending posts down. You can even replace baby pictures with pictures of Your Most Favorite Thing in the World: cats, bacon, M.C. Escher, the list goes on.

There's been no backlash so far from would-be booster parents. Is this an extension that cruelly targets people who are rightfully proud of their newborn, or a welcome relief from oversharing?

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