23 Regret-Filled Design Fails That'll Get You Laughing

  • 1
    picture of girl putting air into inflatable unicorn through its backside captioned "that's what I call a serious design flaw"
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  • 2
    picture of framed bathroom sign with Braille under the glass
  • 3
    picture of gate with space between the bars large enough for person to fit through
  • 4
    statue of religious figure blessing a kneeling follower looking like they're performing oral sex
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  • 5
    football themed babushka doll blowing whistle that looks like part of the male anatomy
  • 6
    "SaudiSkills" flash drive that reads as "Saudis Kills" when opened
  • 7
    escape door located next to ladies' bathroom that can be easily mistaken for the men's bathroom
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  • 8
    hole in plastic bag turns the sentence "packed with fruit nutrients" into "fucked with fruit nutrients"
  • 9
    sign for store at rest area that reads "eat here, get gas and worms"
  • 10
    two signs placed together to read "eat Jessica's family"
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  • 11
    handicapped bathroom located at the top of stairs
  • 12
    picture of thermostat removed from wall to reveal it was not connected to anything but just glued in place
  • 13
    picture of bathroom stalls doors with gaps tall enough to reveal the toilets
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  • 14
    ad for ending animal testing with picture of rabbit holding "no" sign appearing to protest the aforementioned text
  • 15
    cake with decorative letters spelling the word "two" that look like "cunt" from the other side
  • 16
    ad for pizza place reading "we serve more than pizza, we serve people"
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  • 17
    lubricant described as "super penetrant" with picture of screw lubing its own end on the bottle
  • 18
    picture of bathroom stalls with clear walls between them
  • 19
    picture of yellow awning over pool reflecting in the water and giving it a yellow hue
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  • 20
    questionnaire asking to fill in date of birth and expiration date
  • 21
    gas station at night with broken neon sign spelling "die" instead of "diesel"
  • 22
    picture of "I am not a robot" captcha printed on physical paper contract
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  • 23
    National Geographic magazine dedicated to raising awareness to plastic waste is wrapped in a plastic cover itself


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