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Ohai, Cheezfrends! We have some exciting news for you today! As some of you may have noticed, ROFLrazzi now appears in the blue bar at the top of our network. Like I Can Has Cheezburger, FAIL Blog, Memebase, The Daily What, and Know Your Meme, ROFLrazzi is now a hub page for all of the funniest pop culture content from around teh interwebz! So while you might notice that some sites, like Historic LOLs and Totally Looks like, are no longer listed in the I Can Has Cheezburger drop-down menu, we want to assure you that all of the sites still exist under the new ROFLrazzi umbrella.

Here's a quick run-down of each site being added to the new ROFLrazzi hub page and what they have to offer:
ROFLrazzi - The best of the best celebrity and pop culture content from Cheezburger and the internet.
Celebs - The funniest celebrity captions around. If you want to caption a funny picture of Lady Gaga, this is where you do it.
Historic LOLS - Captioned historic paintings, photos and illustrations.
Must Have Cool - Cute, funny, and cool products and food from around the internet.
Pundit Kitchen - Captioned images of political figures and newsworthy humor from around the internet.
Set Phasers to LOL - Captioned images and funny videos with a focus on fantasy/science fiction humor.
Totally Looks Like - Images of things that look like other things.
Wedinator - Cute, crazy and weird wedding photos from around the internet.

We hope you enjoy our new family of sites! May teh LOLz be with you (and also with you)!

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