12 Pants-On-Fire Liars Who Got Smothered with Truth

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    twitter Boy in the pub was telling me his job is a penguin erector so every time a plane flys over Edinburgh z00 the penguins can't take their eyes off it and end up falling over n he just goes round picking them back up, 38 penguins 2000 flights a day 168K 2,598 757K Replying to Can we get a spokesperson from @EdinburghZoo to confirm this? 2:34 AM 20 Aug 18 5 Retweets 67 Likes Edinburgh Zoo 1d 3Z5S ONURCH ZOo Replying tu We're sure this will come us u uisappointment to many but there is no su
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    bald girl smiling taking selfies Sir I do not have cancer delete pls and ty AJ @askaboutaj Nothing is better than seeing people battling cancer & living life to its fullest
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    twitter Hoax. Something intended to deceive or defraud. For example Midwest vs Everybody @midwestern_ope CALLING ALL MIDWESTERNERS, 50,000 retweets to make 'ope' an official word! Show this thread 6/28/18, 1:44 PM 50,000 and we'll make it a official. 6:47 PM 8/19/18, 18:56 Tweet your reply
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    twitter Tweet rex orange county @rexorangecounty i don't actually Pitchfork @pitchfork oVER @RexOrangeCounty UNDER Wears novelty underwear REX ORANGE 624G ntb COUNTY 6:56 PM 21 Aug 18 89 Retweets 1,281 Likes tors 6 @slowtownt 39m Replying to @rexorangecounty that's exactly what someone who wears novelty underwear would say L2 46 I don't know what I am doing .. 38m Replying to @rexorangecounty Tweet your reply
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    girl walking into glass door with milkshakes that awkward moment when your friend takes a picture of you the instant you slam into a glass door. Funny Share 433 168 BEST COMMENTS 4y This is an advertisement at a bus stop. 229 Reply 1 more reply
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    google reviews Wow. Let's clarify things. First, ownership is not always changing. It's only changed once, Owner of Tattoo Shop which was over two years ago. The shop VIEW REVIEWS –†HOTOS that existed here before was here for 5 ADOOT years prior. Second, I'm going to explain what actually happened that day from a sane person's perspective. You came into the shop looking to get some sort of work Local Guide 15 reviews done on your dermal piercing that you received at the old shop that was her
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    google reviews Response from the owner 3 days ago We want to acknowledge this review. For those who don't know your name, we made you famous when you and your boyfriend robbed our store. We pressed charges and banned the two of you our store. So we apologize that your poor decisions led to a 1-star experience. end of the day, I know our staff learned something important from our experience with you. So thank you for teaching us to never judge a book by it's cover. Bec
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    google reviews Had a very bad experience here. One of the employees were super rude to a close friend of mine. We ended up just leaving Like Response from the owner 5 months ago Michael, We believe that you might be mistaken about your review. At the time of your review, our Colorado Springs location is not open and we have not begun servicing that area. Please look to our social media channels for more information about Grand Opening and we look forward to providing you excellent customer
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    picture burnt peeling shoulders facebook yOU nEed tO pUt On SuN sKrEEn AWARENESSACT.COM Recent Study Shows How Sunscreen Causes Cancer, Not the Sun 2 Comments 18 Shares 4 Like Comment Share Pika Libre That's what happens when people go for the shitty sunscreen that's super cheap and everyone uses but is filled with bullshit Like Reply 8h Kermit Yes, sunscreen has known carcinogens like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, but in external use they ha
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    reddit r/Showerthoughts 18m If they took all the money they spent trying to make a decent Hulk movie, they could have probably just made an actual Hulk Funny Vote 3 Share SINGLE COMMENT THREAD VIEW ALL 5m Do you think no one else watches The Big Bang Theory or something? Reply 2m Never watched that show in my life wtf Reply Vote r Now Oh really? Ths is a comment of yours from 5 days ago: "Season 3. I knew this post was gonna get down-voted but I want to like the show but She
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    facebook status Why do I have to lower myself to human standards? Why am I an asshole because I comprehend subjects in a matter of seconds? Is everyone really that insecure? 2 16 Comments Like Share Comment Why do you go to community college if you're brilliant?
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    twitter tesla's revenue growth looks better than it should thanks to a disclosure shortcut $TSLA t147 10 87 3h I do recomend you read the whole article before druling Over the title and retweeting... Unless, of course, you really didn't get it Replying to @ I wrote the article. 8/4/18, 1:01 PM 4 Retweets 36 Likes


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