Reddit of The Day: People Share Their Biggest "Sh*t, My Parents Were Right" Moments

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    Name an adult who wouldn't enjoy a nap.

    Sleep - [] RandomDeception 4521 polnts 2 days ago You need to sleep more. permalink save report give gold reply load more comments (101 replies)
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    So, your dad was Red Foreman?

    Face - [- BananikaND 1338 points 2 days ago My dad's phrase was "You hang out with a dumbass, you become a dumbass" permalink save parent report give gold reply
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    It'll get you out of a lot of crap.

    Product - ( petrichorE6 3261 points 2 days ago You'll need a plunger in your new house At first I wondered why I would even need one since we never used it at all in my old house. Immediately regret not getting one when shit got real.
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    That feel is the best feel.

    Product - ( nkbee 5474 points 2 days ago It really IS nice to just clean up as you make a mess instead of living in your own filth. permalink save report give gold reply
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    You think money grows on trees?

    Hair - [-] kryrinn 5978 points 2 days ago Dad: "heat never goes past 68! If you're cold, put on a sweatshirt Own house with roommates, set heat at 75, enjoy a tropical month, get first heating bill. Promptly lock thermostat to 68. Roommate whined, told her to put on a sweatshirt. permalink save report give gold reply
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    Life is full of tough choices. These are good to have.

    Text - -] HiNeighbor517 157 points 2 days ago "What you really want in life, are choices. Try an avoid a situation where you've only got one option" permalink save report give gold reply
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    Socks are the best!

    Footwear - [-] Overnight_Guy 4898 points 2 days ago I am so excited for my socks that should be arriving today My mother always told me I'd be grateful for gifts of clothes. I never believed her.
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    You can delete that high school friend from Facebook.

    Friendship - [-] greasychimpanzees 6498 points 2 days ago "Not all your friends need to be 'forever-friends', some people are just meant to be your friend for that particular time in your life" permalink save report give gold reply
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    Yes, MOM.

    Clothing - Cara -] trixie 853 points 2 days ago "Take a coat, it's cold outside" permalink save report give gold reply OPENSN
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    Jeans - [-1 bsod64 1110 points 2 days ago "You'll never get a girlfriend if you keep acting the way you do." They were right, I have a boyfriend. permalink save report give gold reply


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