I Can Has Cheezburger?

The Perfect 'Comprehensive Guide To Flying Yellow Stripy Things'

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    Insect - Carpenter Bee -acts like it's hot s**t but can't actually hurt you -has no concept of what glass is -lives in your fence -flies aggressively to try and scare you away
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  • 2
    Honeybee - Honeybee -is the bee that needs help the most -excellent pollinator -very friendly -can only sting once
  • 3
    Bee - Bumblebee -also pollenates stuff very well -so fat it shouldn't be able to fly -will let you pet it without getting agitated -actually a flying panda
  • 4
    Honeybee - Hoverfly -wears yellow stripey uniform to scare you -actually can't do anything to you -hangs out in fields -follows you if it likes you
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  • 5
    Insect - Paper Wasp -looks scary, but will only attack if provoked -sting hurts like hell -will chase you if you swat at it -has no concept of personal space
  • 6
    Honeybee - Yellow Jacket -wants your food and will fight for it -never leaves you alone -will sting just for the hell of it -is just an a**hole
  • 7
    Insect - Cicada Killer -looks like Satan's nightmares -exclusively eats cicadas -can sting you, but usually won't -still pretty terrifying
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  • 8
    Insect - Dirt Dauber -almost never stings anything except spiders -builds nest in the ground -hoards spiders in said nest -coolest looking of the wasps
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